9 Best Gifts for Travelers You Need to Buy

Buying gifts for travelers appears tricky because any idea that comes to your mind they’ve probably already considered. However, there is always something that might have slipped their mind like a unique giraffe tracking bracelet! Although travelers pre-plan their trip in detail, there’s always room for something they haven’t thought about, like notes or a map. Here I have listed some of the best gift ideas for travelers.

So, the following articles contain gift ideas to elevate the experience for your traveler friends, which will be true blessings in disguise for some. Keep reading to help your buddy prepare for their next trip.

Best Gifts for Travelers

Travelers always pack essentials first, so what’s left is to elevate their experience to the next level. While this isn’t always the easiest, we’re here to assist.

We compiled a gift list that applies to any traveler’s character and spirit. Check them out!

1: Cozy Blanket

Sightseeing, local food, and museums fully capture the culture of the city, village, or province you’re visiting. But, to sense the vibe of the city you’re sightseeing in, sometimes all you need to do is sit down in nature and observe. 

That way, your traveler friend connects more with the place and gets a sense of what it’s like to be a local there. Therefore, a cozy blanket that can fit in any bag is simply one of the best gifts you can give to a travel junkie.

2: Notes and a Pen

Although everyone goes for phones when they have to jot down something, sometimes batteries die, and you need to write down a thought or piece of information immediately.

So, cute colorful notes and a pen would be the ultimate saver gift. You can find notes and pen kits or buy them separately. Either way, ensure they’re compact enough to fit in a bag.

3: A Vape Set

If you want to elevate your friend’s relaxation level while on vacation, a vape set will do the job, and then some!

Vapes are as versatile as snowflakes and come in every imaginable shape, design, and level of usability. If your friend has never tried vaping, opt for a beginner vape set instead of the most expensive ones. Advanced vape kits boast the most advanced features first-timers find challenging to adjust to and use.

Pick a flavor you’re sure they’ll like, and you’re good to go. However, please make sure you shop from a reputable online vape shop because you might otherwise waste money on a faulty product.

4: Board Game

Board games are the perfect mood elevators and can entertain a group of friends for hours. Not only do they relax the mind, but they also unite people. Plus, anyone loves them regardless of age. 

Nowadays, there’s a massive game library with various board game themes. You’ll find logical, social, and retro games—the options are exhaustive. You can opt for something they’ve never played before and make their trip unforgettable.

5: Toiletry Set

Having a nice-smelling face and body wash never hurts. If your friends are more adventurous, exploring nature, or simply wandering the area they’re visiting, then a small toiletry set like those in a plane or hotel would be a blessing.

When exploring a foreign place, especially by camping, anything can happen, and travelers are very well-aware of that. Even if they precalculate the hazards before heading, you can always back them up with an extra kit.

6: Spices Set

In addition to adventurous camper kits, one of the best gifts you can give them is a set of spices. Since their food options are pretty limited as campers, you can spice up (no pun intended) their trip with a bunch of seasoning and spices. 

There are many spice kit variations. To pick the most fitting kit, you can google where they want to visit and inspect the traditional food. Are they more on the hot or neutral site?

See the foods, and print a recipe you think will appeal to them. You can add that to the spices, so they can cook up some local food and feel like part of the community.

7: A Map

Phone navigation can take you from your location to your desired destination, even if you’re visiting for the first time. 

So, although it sounds funny to gift your traveler friends a map since they can download it and travel offline, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

But, if your friends travel at night, and they visit a not-so-touristy place, and their battery dies, they will have to wander around or sleep in the car until they find a place to charge their phones. Therefore, a map is not a gift idea but an absolute necessity. 

8: A Light Story

When book travelers plan their trip, they always eye up and scavenge through their to-read pile. However, (and every bibliophile will agree with me on this) sometimes there just aren’t enough books!

So, we suggest you go to your nearest bookstore and get the book you think would be the perfect addition to your traveler friends’ book nook. After all, there’s nothing better than going to the beach and burying your head in a compelling read. 

9: Bluetooth Speaker

Everything’s better with music in the background, and that’s why a speaker makes a perfect traveler gift. Luckily, today, these Bluetooth speakers are not only of high quality but come at affordable prices, too.

They’re small, fit in every bag, and best of all, come in every color. You can get an electric blue speaker or neon pink and personalize the whole music experience. 


Travelers always plan everything, but something will always slip their minds, and that’s the best part. With the gift ideas above, not only do you make them feel special, but you introduce new ideas to their plan. 

If your friend never plays board games or cards on a trip, run to get them some! They will make friends with locals or fellow travelers and have more memories to look back on down the line. What’s better than that?

Last Updated on May 1, 2023

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