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The Best Travel Gear Vacations With Toddlers

Traveling is often stressful at the best of times, particularly if you have queues to wait in, connections to catch, and schedules to stick to – and that’s forgetting the packing that needs to be done beforehand, and the unpacking and washing once you’re home. However, add a toddler into the mix and you’re left with a different situation entirely; if you thought waiting to board a plane was stressful, try adding a tiny person who’s high on life and half a packet of sweets. While not every stage of your journey can be planned to the tiniest detail, others, such as packing, can be prepared for in advance, as long as you know where to start. From keeping your child calm and occupied and remembering all of the essentials, to knowing how to prepare for a code brown of epic proportions while you’re mid-flight, nothing is impossible once you know how. When traveling with a toddler, never get too complacent.Planing for a family trip with toddlers, you are going to need some pieces of travel gear that you didn’t before, here are a few essentials.

Are you daunted by the idea of packing for your next adventure? Read on to discover some of the items you shouldn’t travel without.

Travel Gear

The Best Travel Gear Vacations With Toddlers

Getting there safely

It’s time to think about the items you’re going to need in order to transport your child, and to keep them moving once you’re on holiday. A car seat, wrap or sling, or a booster chair for the plane are going to be high on your list, as is a lightweight stroller for whizzing around your holiday resort. If you’re not sure whether a cot bed will be provided, it’s always safest to take one with you, while a fabric safety gate is a lightweight and easy way to keep your toddler contained.

Pack your hand luggage wisely

It doesn’t matter how old your toddler is, you’re likely to need twice as much stuff for them as you do for the adults in your party combined. When you’re traveling, it’s essential to keep certain items to hand; nappies, wipes, disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer, spare dummies, nappy bags, medicated creams, childhood medicines such as Calpol and teething gel, and a change of clothes should be kept separately, as you’re likely to need them far sooner than the contents of your main bags. A Forma diaper backpack is ideal for adventurous mums and dads, providing plenty of additional space that’s easily transported; it can be found at Well, you’re going to need both hands to chase after your toddler, after all!

A question of entertainment for your travel gear

While space may be limited, it’s essential that you make room for a little light entertainment, whether that’s a collection of books, a few smaller toys, or a tablet and headphones; no matter how often you encourage your child to gaze out of the window, the chances are nothing will hold their attention for very long. Consider packing a selection of the bedtime reads your little one is most engaged by; a couple of smaller, less noisy, toys; and an iPad or similar tablet packed full of games that you can play together. If you’re taking a road trip, gather some CDs together or make a playlist, as sing-alongs and music time can turn a dull drive into an adventure. If space, or your luggage allowance, permits, pack some of the toys and games into a little backpack for your child to carry, as they’ll no doubt relish the responsibility of caring for their own treats.

Food and drink for your travel gear

You’re going to need to keep your strength up during any journey with your toddler, so pack some Ziploc bags filled with snacks and treats. Chewy sweets are ideal if you’re going to be flying, providing relief from changing air pressure and a great distraction, while healthy and age-appropriate snacks should be provided for your whole party. To keep little ones hydrated, bring bottled water and a spare snippy cup, as well as any formula and bottles that you may still be using. Are you breastfeeding? Don’t travel without breast pads, or a hand pump to assist on those fuller days. Finally, think about how you’ll feed your child once you’re on holiday. Most resorts will provide highchairs, but remember to take a travel chair or booster seat if you’re going to be self-catering.

Traveling anywhere, regardless of your companions, can often seem more stress than it’s worth. However, it’s important to remember that heading on holiday with a little one can, and usually is, so much fun. If this is their first trip abroad, be prepared to embrace the new experiences that you and your child will share, and the fantastic adventures that you’ll have together.

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