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Best Foods to Try in Australia

If you are visiting Australia then there are a few foods that you absolutely must try. If you are an Australian native, then hopefully you are already familiar with these indigenous dishes but, if not, you need to try them at once! While you can attempt to prepare these foods on your own, why not hire a caterer for an even more personalized experience? A Melbourne catering company can prepare and serve you these foods that are unique to Australia all on your own time- talk about luxury! Now back to which foods should not be passed up when in Australia. Eight of the top native dishes of Australia that every traveler should try.

Best Foods to Try in Australia

Australia Best Foods to Try

Beetroot Burger

Pickled beets are a traditional burger topping in Australia and one that you might never have considered. However, when you find a good beetroot burger, your whole view of burger toppings will change. This long-standing tradition can also be paired with bacon or fried egg. This is an Australian food you need to try- you will be pleasantly surprised!

Crab Sticks

Before you bite into a crab stick expecting to taste the crab, think again! Crab sticks are not actually made of crab but of white fish that has been shaped into a stick, breaded and fried. While it may seem like it’s just imitation “crab” meat, (what’s the big deal) crab sticks have a strong following in Australia. In fact, they are so common that they are a must-try food when visiting the country.


Barramundi is the most common fish found in Australia’s waters, and it is abundantly available in restaurants and fish markets throughout the country. Have a caterer personally prepare your barramundi to ensure that it is cooked to perfection. Barramundi is best pan-fried and served as a fish steak, and herbed oil will pair fantastically.

Grilled Kangaroo

Kangaroos actually overpopulate Australia so eating them is a great way to control the population while also enjoying tasty, naturally low-fat meat. Kangaroo is best when cooked medium or rare as it tends to dry out. A caterer will know exactly how to prepare this native Australian dish.

Vanilla Slice

Excited to try an Australian dessert? Start with the vanilla slice. The multi-layered pastry is filled with vanilla custard and then topped with sugar. There are also many versions of this pastry that are flavored (think chocolate, caramel or strawberry).  This pastry is very similar to France’s “mille-feuille” and New Zealand’s “custard square”. Call it whatever you’d like, it is delicious.

Meat Pie

Meat pie is something that is truly specific to Australia. A tasty meat filling is wrapped in a flaky pastry and baked to perfection. Meat pies are everywhere in Australia from the vendor on the corner of the street to the fanciest restaurants. Go to any party and you are sure to find meat pies being passed around. Of course, there are a few variations to meat pies that you can try but stick with the classic- meat, mashed potatoes, and gravy all in one nice neat package. You can try this in a variety of Gold Coast best restaurants to get a real flavor of Australian cooking.


While Australian’s and New Zealanders will argue over which country lays claim to pavlova, you should definitely give it a try when visiting Australia (they are the true owners of the dessert anyway!). A light fluffy meringue is baked o have a crisp outside crust and is then decorated with fresh fruit- kiwi naturally! Pavlova not only tastes delicious but it is the perfect dessert to serve at your next event as it is gorgeous, light, and screams of Australia.


This is probably one of the most iconic Australian foods and one you cannot leave Australia without trying. Vegemite is more savory than sweet and is made from yeast extract. It truly has a taste all of its own! While you can simply spread Vegemite right on toast and eat it plain, ask your caterer to highlight this food in a dish custom-made for you!

So many foods to try and so little time! Maybe your best plan is to have a Melbourne catering company prepare a full Australian experience, complete with all the must-try Australian foods. This way, you are sure to get the highest quality, most authentic Australian foods available! You should probably go book that experience now…

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