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Best Fishing Spots in United States

Thinking of a well-deserved fishing trip in the USA? Fishing has been around for a long time, and it’s getting more and more popular since we all know the health benefits fishing has. Whether it’s as a professional sport or a hobby, a lot of people are getting into this. The Best spots for a fishing trip in the US. From Key West to Martha’s Vineyard and many more.

Fishing is a relaxing and at times thrilling sport. But we realize that choosing the same spot for fishing over and over again can be quite monotonous. So to relieve you of that monotony in your life, we have listed out some great fishing places in the US. If you’re interested in looking to have the perfect fishing holiday this summer, you will need the fishing essentials. Take a look at Total Fishing Tackle for some of the best fishing tackle on the market. Some of the best places for fishing along with the United States.

two kids and a man on a kayak getting ready for fishing

People in the US have such a passion for fishing, there are a lot of competitions, and records are always broken. By the time you’re reading this, a record-breaking fish got caught in North Carolina.

And one of the best things about fishing is a trip, you can travel to a lot of destinations just to catch some fish. Prepare all the fishing gear you got and get ready for an amazing adventure in the US. Here are some of the best spots in the United States for a fishing trip.

Best Fishing Spots in the USA

The United States has the best spot for any kind of fishing lover. It’s so diverse that you would not get tired any time soon. From Key West fishing spot to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts and many more.

Bristol Bay, Alaska

If you want to add expertise in catching salmon to your skillset, Bristol Bay is calling you. This place offers ample opportunity for catching other freshwater fish as well. The great thing though is the breathtaking scenery which can just wash away all your stress. The Bay also has a good selection of lodges to make you feel right at home. Alaska is one of the best places for a fishing trip.

Commonly found fish: Many species of salmon including King salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, silver salmon and sockeye salmon, rainbow trout, arctic grayling, Northern Pike

Ruby Mountain, Colorado

One of the hidden treasures in the west is located here at Ruby Mountain in Colorado. Situated in the Nathrop area, Ruby Mountain rises 7,995 feet, which makes it a moderate climb for those interested in an ascent.

The real fun, however, is at the base of this mountain known as the Gold Medal Waters of the Arkansas River. It is here at the Arkansas River Headwaters where you’ll find some of the best fishing for anglers of all kinds.

While sections of the river are easy to access by boat or from the shore, some of these areas are perfect for wade fishing, fly-fishing, or one-of-a-kind lazy fishing that we all love. Campgrounds are also plentiful in this area, but you should check with the park headquarters prior to coming out to ensure availability.

Florida Keys, Florida

Many people call the Key West the Fisherman Paradise. This place has been America’s favorite since a long time ago. It’s also the third-biggest coral reef in the world. Key West is well known for its diverse quantity of fish and non-stop monster fishing. Warm water, lots of fish, and nice weather are waiting for you in the Key West.

The Florida Keys is a hotspot for all kinds of fishermen everywhere. Whether you want to catch fish for fun or for sport, this is the place to go.

Commonly found fish: Swordfish, Blue marlin, White Marlin, bonefish, sailfish, redfish

Lake Okeechobee, Florida

This is the largest lake in Florida and a fantastic place to go fishing for some high-quality bass, and there is plenty of it t go around. A trip to the lake is great for beginners and beyond the large mouth bass, you will also find plenty of catfish and black crappie. I like this location for the abundance of fish, the beautiful surrounding area, and of course, the blazing Florida sunshine.

Fort Gibson Lake, Oklahoma

Just about 45 minutes from midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, you’ll find Fort Gibson Lake. This lake is nestled in the hill region of eastern Oklahoma and has acreage which holds numerous groves of trees, scenic overlooks, and plenty of water sports activities for the kids.

While you can sit and relax at the modest beach on the shore of Fort Gibson, you can also tour this lake by boat and cruise around its 225 miles of shoreline. Waterfront cabins are also popular spots but are advised that these are sometimes booked up well in advance if you’re planning a fishing trip n the summertime.

Among the lake’s aquatic residents you’ll find plentiful Bass, Catfish, Paddlefish, Hybrid Stripers, and many more varieties. And yes, if you land a few good ones, there are plenty of grills around the lake if that’s what you’re looking for.

Kona, Hawaii

Who doesn’t love Hawaii? It’s an island, you can expect to have a lot of fish and yeah, a lot of fishing. This is one of the best fishing spots in Hawaii, it’s really popular among tourists. Kona is well known for its deep-sea fishing, and it’s the place for The International Billfish Tournament. Don’t worry, Kona is a beginner-friendly place too. You can find a lot of monster fish here as well.

Calling out to all the sporty and thrill-seeking anglers around are the shores of Kona in Hawaii. Stunning scenic beauty combined with deceptively thrilling waters and excellent opportunity for catching much sought out sport fish.

Commonly found fish: Whitespotted Pufferfish, Angelfish, Sharks, Tuna, mahi mahi

a boat and a fisherman on the water

Lake Champlain, Vermont

For those of you who are tired of the usual wilderness settings and ocean-feels Lake Champlain in Vermont is a great fishing spot. It is most commonly known for its abundance in many species of bass fish.

Commonly found fish: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Atlantic Salmon, Lake Trout

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McCloud River, California

California’s McCloud River offers some fantastic fishing locations in the dramatic setting between Mt.Shasta and the impressive Cascade Mountains. Beyond picturesque, this is my favorite spot in the US for trout fishing. You can fish here between the end of April and the 15th of November, and if you want the best chance to catch then you need to head down to the lower end of the river.

Bighorn River, Montana

If you want to test your strategies as a fisherman and try new techniques, this river is for you. There is a lot of restriction on catching fish in the area so do not expect to take home a big haul, in fact, most anglers prefer to catch the fish and release them. Unless you’re looking to show off your catch, this river provides a great game.

Commonly found fish: Catfish, brown trout, rainbow trout, yellow perch

Barnhart Island, New York

Situated just over 5 miles from Massena in extreme upstate New York along the mighty St. Lawrence River, Barnhart Island doubles as a local beach and fishing spot for shoreline anglers.

While this region isn’t as picturesque as its neighboring Adirondack Park, the island is a favorite attraction for many local residents and our friends from across the river in Canada. The island sits near the border of Cornwall, Canada, and is a great spot to watch the many river vessels that transport goods throughout the area.

Among the waters around Barnhart Island, you’ll find plentiful species of fish such as Pike, Perch, and those ugly but tasty Sturgeon, as the St. Lawrence river boasts some of the best fishing on the planet.

Lake St. Clair, Michigan

This is not a great body of water and is quite shallow as well. The reason it made this list is because of the ample catching opportunities you get and the fairly easy game as compared to other much greater waters that surround this lake.

Commonly found fish: Walleye, perch, crappie, smallmouth bass

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

This large reservoir is part of Missouri’s Osage River and is a honey hole for fishing, I was here just last year and caught an impressive haul. Here you will find large mouth bass, channel catfish, paddlefish, white bass, bluegill, and white crappies as well as the blue catfish if you are lucky. There are plenty of charters available in the area and some days that I was out, I barely saw another soul – pun not intended – with this much fish on offer and few people fishing, Lake of the Ozarks is the perfect place to spend your days.

Thousand Islands, New York

The Thousand Islands of New York provide excellent opportunities to catch fish for new fishermen and expert anglers alike. This is because there is an easy game available for the new fishermen and at the same time there are enormous, prized muskies to cater to the needs of the expert anglers as well. Though, novice fishermen best are warned to not attempt at the expert game to prevent any hazards.

Commonly found fish: Muskellunge, Northern Pike, salmon, walleye

Kodiak Island

Alaska offers anglers a wide variety of great fishing locations and in all honesty, you would do well to spend a trip traveling around the ‘Last Frontier’ to unlock its true fishing potential. One of my favorite places to fish in Alaska is Kodiak Island, this is where I found the most abundant salmon and also where I found the most accessible streams and rivers.

This entire area is fully geared up for anglers and there is real tranquility to be found here, thanks to its size and plentiful fishing locations you will often find yourself alone with the salmon and perhaps, the bears, but don’t worry too much about that, they are just there for the salmon as well! Don’t hesitate and take an Alaska fishing trip!

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

This island is situated in the Atlantic. It’s south of Cape Cod. This Massachusetts Island is getting a lot of attention. It’s usually visited by wealthy people and celebrities. You can make a fishing trip with your family and catch some Bonito. Rent a boat and sail away on your fishing journey.

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Those spots will make a fishing trip the best experience you could ever have. As I said, the best deep-sea fishing places are something you can even do with your family, professionally, or as a hobby. Catch some fish and enjoy the sun on your skin, have a great time. I know you can always have dinner with the fish you catch. But if you are fishing for a hobby, you should always take them back to the sea.

All in all, the United States holds far too many great fishing destinations to list. But, it all depends on what type of fishing experience you’re looking for. If you’re in the mood for some solitude and want to cast a few lines out, you won’t have to look further than that secluded creek near your home.

But, if you’re up for an adventure, check out those listed above. You’ll not only be able to get out and see some interesting areas of the country, but you’ll be able to go fishing in new waters, as this is always a great experience.

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