5 Best Places to Go Fishing Around Finland

5 Best Places to Go Fishing Around Finland
Learn the 5 best places that are highly recommended to go fishing around Finland. Designed by Freepik

Finland is best known as the happiest country in the world. What makes the Finns so happy? According to Heli Jimenez, the senior director of international marketing at Business Finland, Finnish happiness is surmised in life’s simple things, like fishing. 

This simple activity promotes calmness and relaxation, combats anxiety symptoms, and lowers stress levels. That’s why it’s one of the most prominent hobbies in Finland.

As the country with the most bodies of water globally, Finland offers plenty of opportunities to catch different fish species. Here are some of the best places or highly recommended spots to go fishing around Finland.

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Musta Mäntyjärvi or Black Pine Lake

Would you like to rent an entire lake for yourself? If yes, look no further than Musta Mäntyjärvi, located in picture-perfect Finnish Karelia. Here, you can catch large perch, pikes, and pike-perch. Pikes are known to put up a good fight, that’s why the right fishing jigs and fishing gear is a must if you want to land these elusive fish.

Moreover, at Musta Mäntyjärvi, guests can spend the entire night in a separate hut or tent. There’s an outdoor table for larger groups, and the hut provides all the essential cooking facilities.

In addition to fishing on the lake, you can try other activities, such as canoeing or kayaking. You can also visit the largest national park in Southern Finland, the Patvinsuo National Park, which is only ten minutes from Musta Mäntyjärvi.

You can also visit Koli National Park, popularly known for its picturesque landscapes and deemed a national treasure in Finland.

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Lake Saimaa

Another popular place to go fishing in Finland is Lake Saimaa. It’s the biggest lake in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe. Lake Saimaa offers many different fish species, plus the fishing areas are multipurpose.

There are various islands with a diverse range of predator fish, nutrient-rich shores, and large open lakes for trolling. Here, you can catch grayling, ide, pike, perch, zander, and vendace.

When fishing in Lake Saimaa, you may encounter a fish species called the Saima ringed seal. Take note that this unique species is considered critically endangered. So, be wary. The Finland government has put tons of effort into protecting the Saimaa ringed seal.

Nevertheless, Lake Saimaa is undoubtedly the perfect place for travellers and vacationers as it offers many activities and accommodations. The shores are adorned with many holiday cottages (floating cottages) with saunas you can rent. Additionally, the area has plenty of spa hotels, manor accommodations, resorts, and hotels.

5 Best Places to Go Fishing Around Finland
Finland is one of the happiest countries int he world. Finnish happiness is surmised in life’s simple things, like fishing. 


This region is one of the country’s most renowned year-round outdoor destinations. Three national parks are located here: Riisitunturi, Oulanka, and Hossa. When it comes to fishing, Kuusamo offers many fishing waters and the chance to try various fishing methods and spots simultaneously.

In the Kuusamo region, you can fish in lakes, rapids, and rivers. Stocked and native fish species in Kuusamo include perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, and lake trout.

You can also try other activities besides fishing, such as canoeing, mountain biking, or the Finnish sauna. For a unique experience, head to Isokenkäisten Klubi and try the Seven Star Smoke Sauna. Their saunas are heated for several hours, ensuring the most relaxing and smoothest experience for all guests. Moreover, there are many great restaurants that you can try.

River Teno and River Tornio

River Teno and River Tornio are Finland’s two most popular fishing rivers. Aside from their unique and beautiful views, these rivers are best known for their affluent salmon-fishing history, bringing many visitors and locals to these areas.

The River Teno is a shared 155-mile-long border river between Norway and Finland. The surroundings are undisturbed by human intervention, making them unique. In addition to salmon, other fish species you can catch here are pike, sea trout, whitefish, and grayling.

On the other hand, River Tornio, situated between Finland and Sweden, is a 250-mile-long border river that flows through diverse environments and landscapes. The fishing appeal of River Tornio is primarily based on migratory species like sea trout and salmon. Other species you can catch here include whitefish, pike, grayling, and perch.

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Kuusaankoski is best known for its diverse fishing opportunities, rapids, and surrounding services. You will find stocked species like grayling, whitefish, and lake trout here. Also, you can find indigenous species such as zander, bream, ide, perch, and pike.

For the best accommodation, try Varjola. It offers quality restaurant services and lodging. In the summer, it offers a weekly activity program. Varjola is also suitable for people with mobility issues.

There’s plenty to see in this region, particularly in natural attractions. Consider visiting Fennoscandia to see enormous rock paintings or climb the beautiful Hyyppäänvuori hill.


There are specific rules and regulations you should know before you go fishing around Finland. Firstly, be a responsible angler. Always respect nature and the fish you catch. You will also need a permit for other types of fishing, such as angling, and may need to pay a fee. For more information, visit youtube.com.

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Last Updated on April 3, 2024

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