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Best EDC Flashlights in 2022

EDC flashlights are handy illumination tools used in many regular activities, mainly for open-air activities (like car breakdown, camping, or night-time walk).

These lights are lightweight, compact, and portable than traditional handheld lights. These flashlights are simple to grip in your hands.

They are accessible in different designs, sizes and features, in which picking the best among many options will be a bit hard and tricky job.

Here are some of the types of quality EDC flashlights worth buying:

These everyday carry flashlights are compact, lightweight, and portable, yet change in size ranges. There are some of the different types of EDC flashlights.

Pocket flashlights are a type of EDC light that appears with clips, which let you clip and carry the light conveniently and simply onto your pocket or jacket. Most of these pocket flashlights provide high outputs to make sure that users would not lose power to the size. With the improvement of LED technology and flashlight technology, we can simply view brighter lighting of flashlights at a little size.

Penlights are another kind of EDC flashlight, which are pretty famous for professionals like engineers and doctors. Its slim design will let you slip it simply in and out of the pocket. These penlights are best beginner EDC lights that provide beam to read and up-close work that makes it simple to operate and carry perfectly.

A holster or lanyard is used to keep the flashlight forever with you. At certain times, we would not want EDC flashlights in your pocket, and then lanyards and holsters will permit you to place the light comfortably on wherever you want. It has a magnetic tail that gives a hand-free light source, which is the top feature for vehicle mechanics, as it looks at the vehicle and lets them work successfully.

Keychain lights are considered the little/smallest EDC flashlights. You can simply slip this LED flashlight onto a keychain and carry it everywhere perfectly, just as a key. Also these, famous EDC flashlights are little that don’t bulk up with keyring. They match rightly for every person; irrespective of whether they own looking to get an everyday carry flashlight.

Tactical light is a genial defensive EDC flashlight that creates a blinding light for the user. Apart from stunning lumen output, they have bezels with protrusions to provide extra bite in the bad scenarios. They are made with aluminum and thereby give a best balance between their strength and lightweight.

How do I pick an EDC flashlight?

When picking an EDC flashlight like Warrior 3S Tactical Flashlight, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

Weight and size: You will need to pick a flashlight that is relaxed to carry in your pocket or bag.

Battery life: Look for a flashlight with a long battery life so you can use it for best periods of time

Brightness: The brightness of the flashlight will plan how versatile it is. Pick a model that has a range of brightness settings to match different conditions.

Durability: Pick a flashlight that is built to last, with specs like shock resistance and water resistance.

How bright should an EDC flashlight be?

When looking for an excellent EDC flashlight, brightness is a vital consideration. After all, you want a flashlight that will be capable of viewing what you are doing in any condition. Anyway, it is vital to find a flashlight that is not too bright, as you don’t want to blind yourself or others when using it. Usually, you will want a flashlight that has a brightness of at least a hundred lumens. Anything less than that you may not be capable of viewing well in a darker atmosphere. If you are looking for a flashlight that can also double as a weapon, then you will want something with a brightness at least five-hundred lumens.

How many lumens should an EDC flashlight have?

That depends on your requirements. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light will be. Anyway, a higher lumen flashlight will also use more battery power.

What does EDC mean in flashlights?

EDC stands for everyday carry. EDC flashlights are designed to be lightweight, little, and durable so that they can be carried with you every day. They generally have a low lumen output, which means they are not perfect for use as an initial flashlight. Anyway, they are best for everyday jobs like checking the mail or walking the dog.

Battery life and battery type

The best is to pick a battery type that you can simply find in almost any shop around the country or abroad. Such as AAA or AA batteries, there are EDC flashlights that take some more unique types of batteries but what is the use if you cannot find batteries where you are?

If you plan to shop the flashlight for emergency use only, and also have long-term storage emergencies batteries, then you can pick the CR123 lithium batteries, as they tend not to lose their energy during storage.

CR123 produces higher power outputs, but AA is found in almost any place. It can destroy an EDC flashlight. You can pick to use rechargeable batteries if you love. Anyway, do not use lithium batteries if the specific flashlight producer does not advise them.

Flashlight run time

With a battery, how many hours it takes to decrease the light to just ten percent. That’s the run time and is measured in hours. When flashlights have different light/beam strength settings, the run time factors can change per each of the settings. Your EDC flashlight choices vary from fifty hours, to some of the best going up to three hours. Definitely, the beam strength mode and usage influence the run time a lot.

End words

When looking for the best EDC flashlight, it is vital to bear in mind the specs that are most vital to you. There are a range of factors to consider when picking the best flashlight for your needs, including size, weight, brightness, and type of battery. With so many options accessible, we hope this buyer guide will help you find the best flashlight for your everyday carry needs.

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