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The Best Destinations to Study and See the World

The world is a big, big place. And deciding that you want to travel around and see other parts of the world is a decision that should not be taken lightly. You have to look after yourself in a place that may not be your native land, with people that may not speak your language. Three of the best places to travel to if you want to study. Take a look at this short list of best destinations to study.

Best Destinations to Study

But you can’t let these worries put you off being an adventurous and spontaneous individual. But these worries and fears are amplified when, not only do you want to travel somewhere new, but you also want to study there as well! This involves a lot of research into different Universities in a range of places to see if they have the right courses and facilities for your studies, as well as a vibrant and interesting culture surrounding them. Well, here is a list of places to travel that are great for studying too! And don’t worry, if you fall behind in your studies you can always inquire into research papers for sale online

London, UK

Best Destinations to Study - London

What better place to go to than London! Many know it from the London Eye, the Queens’ place of residence and Big Ben the huge Clock Tower, but it can be so much more! London has a multitude of different cultural landmarks embedded in itself, so much so that there is something for everyone! You can check out places like Dalston and Hackney for vibrant, underground nightlife! Or you could go to the world famous Leicester Square to see a movie in one of the many huge cinemas, whilst making your way around one of London’s busiest areas. You can take a riverboat down to Greenwich, a quaint little area that is famous for its Observatory. Not only is London great for travelers and tourists alike, but there is a whole host of amazing Universities there. If you are a creative, there is: Queen Mary’s, Goldsmiths, LAMDA and many more! If you are into Politics, then King’s College, and Royal Holloway are great for that. There is even a University in Greenwich itself! There is so much on offer in London that you will have loads to do and to study!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Best Destinations to Study - copenhagen

Denmark is a wonderful place to visit in Europe. It is extremely picturesque, and with such amazing attractions, like: The awe-inspiring theme park Tivoli Gardens that was visited by Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney, the wonderful, eco-friendly town of Christiania that has been car-free and completely independent from the Danish government for a while, or the statue of the Little Mermaid, one of Copenhagen’s most famous attractions! There’s loads of interesting things to do in Copenhagen. And on top of these attractions, the University of Copenhagen is extremely prestigious, it facilitates the learning of around 40,000 students in courses such as Anthropology, Pharmaceutical Studies and more. They also offer a range of courses taught in English for International Students.

Dublin, Ireland

Best Destinations to Study - dublin

Yes, the Emerald Isle’s have a lot more to offer people than just Guinness! Dublin has an amazing array of tourist landmarks, such as the Millennium Needle, the beautiful Liffey river and the enormous Phoenix Park! On top of this, the Trinity College is a great place to study, its historic campus is located in the heart of Dublin city center, meaning you will be able to enjoy the cities amazing sights and sounds whilst also studying at a University that is recognized across the world. There is also busy and entertaining nightlife all over Dublin that students can enjoy. From Croke Park, which houses some of the world’s biggest music acts week in and week out, to a selection of little venues that a whole load of underground music acts call home; and most are around the student accommodation in dublin.

So there we are, a selection of cities that are perfect for someone hungry to explore the world, but also to study in an established University to further their education and their knowledge. Each 3 of these cities provide anyone with an array of cultural landmarks, bustling city centers and exciting nightlife’s to get stuck into, whilst also having a top-class education in a range of different subjects readily available as well. Research into the one you think sounds the most promising and you won’t be disappointed. Who knows, you may even be studying there next year! Seeing the sights and learning something rewarding and beneficial for your education!

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