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Best Destinations, Resorts and Places to Visit in the Mayan Riviera

The Riviera Maya is a popular tourist destination on Mexico’s northeastern coastline. The region has holiday resorts in abundance, along with some of the most incredible beaches on the planet and a general atmosphere of luxury.Visit in the Mayan Riviera is a popular tourist destination.Riviera Maya,yet the place doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a rush to see.

Visit in the Mayan Riviera

Ocean Coral & Turquesa

There are lots of all-inclusive hotels to choose from in Riviera Maya, but the Ocean Coral & Turquesa particularly stands out. This hotel has four outdoor swimming pools, along with a world-class spam gym, and sports area. For the foodies, there are 10 themes restaurants, as well as 2 theaters and as multiple clubs for children.

The hotel can also organise a round of golf too, as well as beach activities such as volleyball and windsurfing. As you can tell, there is no end to the entertainment here – and 24/7 all-inclusive services doesn’t hurt either.


When visiting Riviera Maya, make sure to see the cenotes. These are enclosed pools of water that can be swum in, and are generally found inside caves surrounded by endemic wildlife. There are thousands of these cenotes around the coastline, but a few stand out, such as Cenote Dos Ojos for example, which is often the subject of mainstream documentaries. Cenote Ik Kil, Chichén Itzá, is also worth checking out with a depth of 130 feet. The water is surprisingly bright do due to the sun beaming in through the gaps, which really highlights the turquoise color of the water.

El Castillo, Chichén Itzá

Whilst in Chichén Itzá, some 4km away from the Ik Kil cenote, there is a stunning Mayan pyramid. The Mayans were active over 1,000 years ago and it would be a shame to visit Mexico without appreciating this advanced civilization and what they left behind.

El Castillo in particular was constructed around ~10th century AD and has 365 steps (it’s likely this figure being the same as the days in the Haab year was no coincidence). The Mayans were a meticulous bunch, and there are even some statues around the site to see too.


Being on the northeastern coastline of Mexico, facing out into the Caribbean sea, there are several world-class beaches on your doorstep. Puerto Morelos is one of the most impressive, with its pure white sand, great snorkeling facilities, and has a laid back atmosphere – it’s also a short walk from town too, meaning this can be good for a day out itinerary.

Akumal Beach is also worth a visit, being known for its abundance of turtles. You may not have thought a beach could be high-end, but this disproves that theory of being littered with luxury boutiques and historic hotels. Being only a few miles long, it’s jam-packed full of restaurants, great bathing spots, and some water sport activities.

Final Word

There’s a lot to see in Riviera Maya, yet the place doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a rush to see it all. The laid back atmosphere and high-end resorts make it slow-paced and enjoyable, with plenty of day out opportunities that the hotel can help you organize.

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