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Top 5 Best Destinations for Freshwater Fishing

For most adventure lovers, fishing covers everything from creating awesome memories and full-on enjoyment to a delicious dinner after a challenging time in the complex waters. Unfortunately, while there are many water bodies globally, not all of them offer the best experience when it comes to fishing. Well, get your fishing gear ready from and get ready to have the best time of your life in one of the fishing spots you choose to go to below.

To help you have the best time of your life, we have come up with the top freshwater fishing spots in the world. Various fishing spots in the world are home to different aquatic animals, and while some of these destinations may not be new to you, some remain unrevealed. Their enigma gives more thrill and excitement to any adventurous person exploring them.

Fishing Spots

Top 5 Best Destinations for Freshwater Fishing

  1. Amazon River, Brazil

Apart from being the largest river in the world and an essential water ecosystem, the richness of the Amazon River makes it the top favorite rivers to fish. The Amazon River is home to various fish species, including the Apapa, Tamabaqui, and even the Arapaima, otherwise known as Pirarucu, the second-largest freshwater fish globally.

To successfully catch any of the fish species found in the Amazon River, you must equip yourself with fishing rods that are six and a half to seven inches in size that have long handles; this is essential when putting enough pressure on your target fish.

  1. South Platte River, Colorado, USA

Our list should probably not miss one of the most famous trout-rich freshwater treasures found in North America. It is claimed that there are around 4000 to 7000 fish for each mile of South Platte. This vast number consists of browns and rainbows, which you won’t fail to see when you go there, definitely one of the best spots for fishing in the US.

The spot is also a major Colorado waterway, which is also perfect for kayaking and canoeing. The beautiful river flows water which is clear, clean and cold. There are also public park areas accessible to the public 14 miles south of South Platte. However, the most outdoor activity most fishing enthusiasts enjoy there is fly fishing and is usually done during the midmorning till late afternoon during the best fishing season, which generally starts in March and ends in October.

  1. Chalk Streams, England

The waters in these streams are described as constant cool and equally fertile, and this couldn’t be far from the truth. For example, in River Avon (Hampshire) alone, there are different fish species, including the Atlantic salmon, sea lamprey, and brook lamprey.

Another river covered by chalk streams that you can visit is River Itchen, which most people consider the ultimate chalk stream. The River Itchen, located at Avington, is a dwelling place for several brown trout. It is a perfect place for bank fishing and also if you like angling. For fishing here, it is recommended to use a rod from seven and a half to eight feet. 

The chalk streams of England extend to over a hundred beautiful flows and one day won’t be enough to enjoy its elegance.

  1. Lake Jindabyne, Australia

This fishing spot is found in the southern part of Australia and is known for being one of Australia’s best trout waters. Lake Jindabyne’s freshwater ecosystem provides a home to Atlantic salmon, brown and rainbow trout with an average weight of five kilograms. Thredbo, Snowy, and Eucumbene are just a few rivers that flow in and out of this lake.

In the summertime, one of the most popular activities to indulge in here is downrigger trolling; however, bait and fly fishers also have a good chance of catching fish late afternoon or at night as fish move inshore during these times.

Autumn and winter are also spawning seasons for trout as they move into the river. If you are an angler, you should walk on the shoreline wearing polarized sunglasses during these seasons to get protection from powerful, dazzling light.

For better chances of catching fish on the lake, you can use salmon eggs as fishing bait and the best of the lake trout baits you already possess. This is the secret that most anglers who visit Lake Jindabyne swear by for catching different fish species, especially rainbows.

The spot is perfect for traveling with family because you can indulge in activities such as picnics, biking, and even boating.

  1. Breede River, South Africa

If you love fishing, you shouldn’t miss going to Africa, a continent rich in precious wildlife, rich culture, and immense natural resources. Specifically, we are talking about the Western Cape province in South Africa, where River Breede is found.

Due to the absence of hippos and crocodiles in this river, most people find this destination a peaceful place to relax and the perfect water body for a tranquil getaway. River Breede is a river that is home to many fish species, including the Spotted Grunter, Kob/Kabeijou, and Garrick/Leerfish.

If you happen to catch giant Kob, it will be an unforgettable and spectacular fishing experience for you. One catch can even be as heavy as 130 pounds and up to two meters long. Though you have to release the Giant Kob back into the river as they decrease in number, don’t forget to take pictures and videos for those beautiful memories.

When you want to catch the silver dotted Garrick, use live bait, and you will increase your chances. For catching the Grunter, use mud prawns and bloodworms while Kob quickly gets baited by mackerel, squid, or any artificial bait.


Each of the destinations named above will make your fishing trips an unforgettable experience. It will cost you quite a penny traveling to different places, but it will be worth every penny. It is also worth noting that some of these spots require you to present a fishing license, so you might as well do more research about the locations before packing your fishing rods.

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