Best Cultural Holidays of 2024: Food, Culture and Art Holidays

Do you want something more fulfilling out of your vacation than just the beach? If yes, here’s something that might interest you. Since the world is a feast of different cultures, arts, and cuisines, here are the top destinations for all foodies, and cultured vacationers to mark on their travel map. Six best places to visit if you are looking for an unforgettable cultural holiday. Here, you will find a list of cultural holidays

Best Cultural Holidays of 2024


Cultural Holidays

If cooking is your art of choice, head to Italy and prepares to be thoroughly fed. The best thing about Naples is that it’s not overcrowded with tourists like Rome, so you’ll get to experience a completely authentic Italian foodie experience. When you eat in Neapolitan restaurants, expect to be seated right next to locals, and don’t hesitate to ask for menu recommendations. Pizza, obviously, is the first thing you simply need to try, and you’ll find amazing pies wherever you go. If you want to try some great examples of classic southern Italian cuisine, check out Enotrattoria Casetta Rossa where you can taste super fresh fish and seafood, steaming pasta and some of the best Italian wines.

Hong Kong

Cultural Holidays

If you can’t get enough of Asian cuisine, Hong Kong will really blow your mind with food options. As soon as you step onto the streets of the city, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a film set where all scenes end up with a snack or a full-on meal. Follow your heart food-wise, but make sure to try Hong Kong’s most famous dishes. Does Phoenix Talons sound scary yet interesting? Give it a shot! Find something you’ve never had or never even heard about and get ready to be swept off of your feet.


Sydney also offers a world of tastes, but this city is better known for its rich cultural scene. The Rocks, one of Sydney’s hottest areas is a hotspot of various cultural events and art exhibitions all year round. The highlight of the city is its glorious Opera House, the center of the biggest Sydney cultural events and festivities. Take a stroll through Chippendale and revel in its rich, varied history and architecture or stay in one of its heritage-listed hotels. Places like The Old Clare Hotel have a long and significant history and have been constructed with careful attention to aesthetics, both on the inside and the outside.

Also, various Aboriginal exhibitions in Sydney will be a special treat for culture lovers, so make sure to visit the city’s galleries and museums, many of which have large public collections of Aboriginal art. There are also rock art sites and ceremonial sites in national parks like Royal National Park (Sydney’s south) and Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park (Sydney’s north). All in all, Sydney is a perfect dish for all travelers hungry to taste different cultures and have an enriching travel experience.


Cultural Holidays

If you’re in search of Zen, this Himalayan kingdom will provide it. Bhutan is a gorgeous yet very unique country, since it unites Buddhism and Hinduism and guarantees religious freedoms to all people of goodwill. Its many festivities show the true colors of the nation and most of the celebrations are a sight to behold with vibrant clothing, jewelry and song. Bhutan is truly a mystic land where monasteries keep guard on mountaintops, colorful prayer flags flutter in the wind and robed monks chant trance-like mantras. There’s no other place on Earth with a similar culture and aura!

St Petersburg

If you want to see some of the biggest riches in the world, head to St Petersburg. Treasures of many tsars rest in the Hermitage Museum where you’ll be dazzled by gilded chariots, famous Fabergé eggs and intricately decorated rooms. Its art collection is equally impressive, with paintings by French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists taken from private collections. Make sure to keep your eyes open for Matisse’s large pieces, Dance and Music, which are rarely seen outside of the museum. The State Russian Museum is home to some of the best pieces from the country’s most celebrated export—Wassily Kandinsky (together with a wonderful collection of Russian folk art) so it’s also worth the visit.


Madrid is home to one of the most famous art museums in the world—Prado. While there’s no wrong time to visit this collection of masterpieces. This year, Prado celebrates its 200th birthday and the milestone will be marked by various celebrations and special events. The biggest event will undoubtedly be the Florentine Renaissance exhibition that investigates art from Florence of 1420s and 1430s. Also, Fra Angelico’s works will also top the exhibition bill. Once you take a good tour of Prado, the rest of the city won’t disappoint either, since Madrid is speckled with gorgeous architecture, galleries, markets, and many other art museums (check out Picasso’s Guernica at Centro de Arte Reina Sofia).

No matter whether art, food, or culture is your driving force, these destinations will definitely quench your thirst for travel, at least for a while.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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