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Best Colleges Without Application Fee for International Students

Study abroad may cost you a pretty penny. If you consider an average application fee around $50 and multiply them by at least five academic institutions that you consider, this hypothetical charge of $250 may become a sticking point on your educational path. Perish the thought if this very fee is higher, and there are more schools that you apply to. But where there is a challenge, there is a free or cheaper alternative.Don’t let such trifles like College Application Fee bury your dream about prestigious education, as the article shows, you have alternatives!

If you’ve opened this article, you no longer fixate on the thought that overseas colleges and universities are luxury rather than reality, kudos to your determination! In fact, the application process is quite a tall order when it comes to preparing documents, taking exams, and writing motivation letters and admission essays. The latter can be taken care of by a professional, which can significantly facilitate the task. Get down to preparation as soon as you can and read on to find what schools do not charge a dime for admission.

College Application Fee

Colleges in the US

If you dream of getting a prestigious education and avoid extra expenses, consider these academic institutions:

Loyola University Chicago 

This is a private university known for its law and medical schools. The acceptance rate is more than 67%, which is pretty competitive. The university is ranked 215 out of 1,725 best nationwide colleges. It offers undergraduate and graduate as well as adult education programs. Apart from being free of application fee for international students, it has other numerous benefits:

  • It provides medical care and wellness programs for young adults.
  • The university has an online study option and offers both completely remote programs or combined with classroom sessions.
  • It supports environmental sustainability through volunteering on farmer markets, reducing university energy by more than 30% since 1998, and creating green roofs.

The University of Vermont 

This academic institution accepts applications for free and can boast its outstanding faculty members: Frederic Sansoz, who is a part of the team who invented world’s strongest silver, Ellen and Ryan McGinnis – the creators of the app for those who suffer panic attacks, and Jeff Modereger – a designer for Broadway, film, and television. These prominent staff members are just a drop in the bucket full of talents ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. The perks of the University of Vermont are:

  • It embraces diversity by supporting various cultural and religious clubs.
  • It offers more than 7000 internships for your future development.
  • More than 75% of graduates find a job within six months after graduation.

Colleges in Canada

American friendly neighbor to the north also provides great study options for international students with no fee for the application. Although there are not so many of them, they are well worth considering.

Booth University College

It is a private university college of the humanitarian type which offers undergraduate degrees and certificates of one of their four schools: Social Work School, Business School, Continuing Studies School, and Humanities and Social Science School. In addition to quality education, you will get a great experience beyond the classroom because:

  • They organize awesome movie nights, concerts, pizza nights, and other activities for campus residents.
  • Students have an opportunity to join various volunteering programs and after-school events.
  • Booth students can enjoy free gym membership, evening sports games, and tournaments. 

Royal Roads University

This public university offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs in Business, Education, Environmental Sustainability, and many other areas of study. It ranks 70 among all Canadian universities and builds unique learning models for students to make the most of their education. It’s a great place to gain knowledge for both indigenous and international students because:

  • The university offers multiple internship opportunities for alumni to build a successful career. 
  • It is a multinational university that welcomes students from overseas with different backgrounds ― this is a great chance to learn more about other cultures. 
  • The location itself is a magnificent place for various activities like kayaking, bird watching, learning history, and trying local tasty treats. 

Colleges in Europe

You can also find several famous universities with no admission fees in Europe. For example:

University of Vienna 

This is one of the oldest universities in Europe, which will eagerly help you along your academic path. Austria is considered to provide one of the most satisfying experiences for students, along with cultural richness and diversity. Apart from an excellent global reputation and over 650 years of experience, the University of Vienna boasts numerous degree programs, a large and diverse community, and great opportunities for international students. You should consider this university if:

  • If you want to study in the heart of Vienna, explore its corners, and absorb multicultural vibes of the large city.
  • If you strive to get knowledge based on up-to-date researches from the reputable professors.
  • If you want to gain a diploma of the university ranking 154 among top academic institutions in the world.

University of Oslo

Not only a free application but also tuition rates attract international students when they search for a college to enter. The University of Oslo is the largest research institution in Norway. It offers a number of programs taught in English and affordable rates, making it so attractive for students from across the world. But there are many other benefits that international students get:

  • The university provides priority housing for those who come from abroad, meaning they are guaranteed to get accommodation for the entire study period.
  • They organize special events, activities, and trips to show the newcomers the most amazing places in Norway and its ancient culture.
  • Every newcomer gets a buddy who helps to know the campus and all the spots they need to know.
  • The university supports various student clubs where you can enjoy doing what you like with like-minded fellows.

The world is full of great chances and opportunities which begs to say: good things come to those who search for them. Don’t let such trifles like application fee bury your dreams about prestigious education; as the article shows, you have quite a lot of nifty alternatives!

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