9 Best Coffee Shops in Whistler to Get Hot Chocolate

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You probably have a habit that helps get your day off to a great start. A steaming mug of hot chocolate does double duty for some of us: keeping us toasty while energizing us to get into the day properly.  Well, Whistler is renowned for its wintry chill. Fortunately, you don’t have to search far for a cup of goodness to keep you warm in this famous Canadian ski town.

We’ve compiled a list of nine of the best chocolate and coffee shops in Whistler, Canada you can check out on your next visit. While at it, you can look into Whistler luxury rentals and ideal escapes if you’re planning a staycation. Let’s get right to it!Related Read: Best Chocolate Festivals Around the World

Best Coffee Shops in Whistler

  1. Blenz

Blenz is the cream of the crop as far as hot chocolate goes. For years, this popular spot has taken top honors for “Best Hot Chocolate” in the locality.

It’s no wonder residents and visitors rave about Blenz. What’s the secret ingredient in Blenz’s drinks? Belgium-sourced dark chocolate results in a creamy and delectable treat to satisfy any sweet tooth.

But there has to be something else besides this, right? The other ingredients are proprietary, and Blenz wouldn’t give the game away. Try out a serving of piping hot chocolate to find out if it is as good as most people claim. 

  1. Purebread

For the sweet teeth in the house, Purebread has you in mind. Besides their sweet-flavored chocolatey drinks, you’re spoilt for choice regarding the baked goodies available at Purebread. These include cakes, savory bread, pastries, and more treats to blow your taste buds away. You even get vegan options. In short, everyone’s invited! 

But don’t take our word for it. Try out the spot for a first-hand experience. After having your fill, you can snag a bagful of these sweet treats for your friends back at home. That way, they can also have a taste of what they missed out on while you were away. 

  1. Longhorn Saloon and Grill

Longhorn Saloon and Grill is the ideal spot for fine wine and some tequila. But a good day doesn’t always have to include a fizzy drink. Sometimes, all you need is a warm or hot cup of chocolate to wind down. Expect prompt service from the cheerful staff at Longhorn. You can sit back and laze about by the fine fireplace as you warm up from outside. 

Grab some bacon or chicken poutine for a full belly to go with your drink. If you like to try new things, sample a cup of regular hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps! Yep, get to unleash your wild side with this combo.

  1. Lift Coffee Company

Although the name might suggest so, the Lift Coffee Company’s menu isn’t limited to coffee. This spot might be worth checking out if you’re into cocoa or chocolate. Savor your favorite mug of dreamy chocolate with lovely accompaniments such as pastries and cakes at this famous spot. 

You can even take your taste buds on an unexpected adventure by trying something out of the ordinary. Talk to a barista next time you pop in at the Lift Coffee Company for a creative concoction to get you started. Plus, patio heaters ensure visitors stay cozy all year round. Warm up with a mug in hand as you enjoy the views while preparing for a thrilling gondola ride.

  1. Southside Diner

Stop by the Southside Diner if you’re visiting the Creekside. The Southside Diner is housed in an original Whistler building dating back to the 1950s, paying homage to its rustic roots. Such a setup lets you step back in time. 

The welcoming ambiance, reasonable pricing, personable staff, and delicious hot chocolate make Southside Diner the go-to spot for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary. Stay energized by indulging in their famous breakfast offerings. 

  1. Camp Lifestyle and Coffee Co.

Camp Lifestyle offers a touch of ‘beyond wonderful’ with its cozy vibe, exceptional hot chocolate, and lifestyle goodies. If you like getting in the thick of things, you can buy some inviting, handcrafted marshmallows and roast them to feel what it’s like to be out camping under the stars. Pair these with their delightful chocolate, and you are in food heaven!

Exciting vacations are all about creating lasting memories of our experiences. In that regard, grab a souvenir from the camp’s gift shop on your way out. 

  1. Stonehedge Kitchen

Remember the comfort foods you used to indulge in as a child? That’s what you get at Stonehedge Kitchen. If you’re after drool-worthy chocolate with sentimental value, pop in here! 

This hotspot embodies rustic elegance, albeit in a polished way without going overboard. By providing a modern take on classic food, Stonehedge Kitchen creates tasteful treats that will have you coming back for more. Delight in a hearty plate for brunch as you sip on some freshly steamed hot chocolate on a leisurely lazy day at this spot. 

  1. Fix Café

This gem is undoubtedly one of Creekside’s coziest hotspots. Meet and catch up with your friends by the fireplace on a cold morning as you revel in a mug of splendidly prepared hot chocolate at the café. 

Work out an appetite by visiting some of the area’s attractions or enjoying some of the thrilling activities in town. Later, you can try out the assortment of baked treats from the in-house bakery to satiate your taste buds. 

  1. Portobello

Portobello also sports an in-house bakery. If you fancy freshly baked goodies, this hotspot has you covered. Portobello’s donuts are the stuff of legend! Imagine devouring a yummy bacon-topped donut or sipping some tantalizing chocolate as you munch on a custom sandwich. No, that could be a reality at the Portobello! Stop by this spot after a day of sightseeing and be the judge.Conclusion

Generally, these hotspots offer tasty treasures that will lure you in. Whistler is a scenic town, and a window seat at some of these outlets can let you take in the sights and sounds as you make the most of a delightful cup of hot chocolate. Beyond the aroma of fresh brews, there are some notable shisha spots in Canada to discover.

Whether you want to indulge in hot chocolate topped with a dash of whipped cream or plan to try something out of the ordinary, Whistler’s hotspots are bound to satisfy any cravings. If you need somewhere to stay or sleep, Whistler luxury rentals might be worth a try. 

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

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