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Best Cities to Visit for Art Lovers This Year

Art is meant to be an experience that is shared. The beauty of it is that it crosses all boundaries. The color of your skin, the religion that you follow, your political affiliation, your opinions, and your feelings on certain subjects don’t matter in the presence of art. Art brings the masses together to experience something greater than any one person could experience on their own.Three of the best cities to visit if you are an art lover looking for gorgeous pieces.In this blog, you will find a list of those cities.

What’s even more beautiful is that each city you visit has a different vein of art for you to explore. In some countries, it’s present in the cuisine, in others, it’s present in the weaving of blankets and textiles, in others, it’s about the music. Many times, countries have many different avenues by which they display art. Your job is to visit each and explore what art is to their culture. In the process, you’ll learn about the world, yourself, and the process of creating something that transcends the fabric of humanity.

Best Cities to Visit for Art Lovers This Year
Photo by: Carlos Reusser Monsalvez

3 Best Cities to Visit for Art Lovers


Krakow has been a mecca for painters and visual artists alike to settle in and do what they do best. In the Middle Ages, Krakow hosted some of the most prominent names and masterpieces of the day. Many of the artworks are still hanging in churches, but most have been transferred to museums for preservation and viewing.

Whatever you like in the realm of visual arts whether it be Renaissance, Baroque, 19th century, 20th century, or contemporary, the city of Krakow has it and it’s waiting to be admired by people like you.

South field

If you are a lover of art, but would rather stay in the vicinity of the United States, the city of South field, Michigan is home to the largest art dealer in the world. Park West Gallery collects works of art commonly from the artists themselves. If the artist is well known, but no longer alive, the gallery takes pride in the fact that they collect their art from legitimate auction companies and other sources.

If you want to see some of the best art exhibits in the world, look no further than this U.S. city…or one of the luxury cruise lines Park West Gallery shows their collections.


If you’re all about traveling to exotic locations to experience art and culture, check out Luxor, Egypt. Luxor used to be ancient Thebes and was the place where Pharaohs resided when they were in power. If you’ve always been drawn to Ancient Egypt, luxor is the place to experience the best of what the culture has to offer. You can explore the great temples, view the avenue of sphinxes, and walk the court of Amenhotep III.

What are the Best Cities to Visit for Art Lovers according to you?

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