12 Best Places to Camp Around the World

Summer is around the corner, and this is the high time that we will think of a family camping trip Campsite directory helps you to choose the best campsite. Of course, there may be several options available near your location, but how about checking a few good options around the world that offer an exciting experience? Here are a few select options you can explore. Nine of the best Campsites that you will find around the world. Check this out to learn the names and perks of adventure travel.

Let’s face it, outdoor adventures are not for everyone. For the most adventurous, camping in a National Park or at a local campground is a safe way to enjoy Mother Nature.

However, if you are an experienced camper and crave more adventurous environments, you will need the best equipment and gear. Check gateoutdoor for the latest in everything needed to push yourself to the limit when family camping in the great outdoors.

Below are 12 of the most exciting camping experiences, not for the faint of heart.

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Best Campsites from all Over the World

There are plenty of hotels around the world that cater to families, but if you’re really looking to make an impact on the kids, you won’t go far wrong with a property that brings you closer to nature.

One of the best ways to do this is to spend a night or two under the stars. The seemingly infinite night sky can be closer than you think.

Best Campsites Around the World

Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

Located in New Zealand, the Mount Cook National Park is an excellent option for all your exciting family camping plans. This is the highest mountain in the country and offers you an enticing alternative to the world’s outdoor playground. You will indeed be impressed with the reviews shared by the Best Campsites around the world.

Lake District National Park, England

This is what you will find a good option for camping if you are in and around England. This is where you would find the highest ever mountain and deepest lake in the entire of England. You have everything that should entice you, including valleys, lush greenery, and a host of lakes. This is a great option for Adventure Cycling Trips. You can even have your preferred boating experience as well.

Skane in Sweden

One of the most common inclusions in almost all the popular camping blog highlights, Sweden is home to a host of camping sites. Skane is the southernmost region of the country and best for the long summer days. The countryside amalgamates well enough with the coastline, and there are several areas where you would find the best options for camping. Worthy mentions can include beaches, forests, and lakes.


Alaska is yet another great option for an enhanced experience in terms of camping or otherwise. One of the most exciting locations in Alaska you would want to fall in love with is Denali National Park. It is also known as Mount McKinley or the great one. In addition to camping, it also lets you hike to your heart’s content. There are several areas that provide you with access to lots of wildlife. While it has several Best Campsites, you can also go wild camping.

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Sardinia, Italy

Located in Italy, Sardinia is perhaps the queen of all camping sites across the world. It boasts of over 40 different camping sites across the region. In fact, the region is completely autonomous and is located closer to Africa. While you can enjoy the surroundings to your heart’s content, you can even feast on the world’s best cheese, available only in Sardinia.

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is perhaps one of those rare tourist destinations and is home to a site known as its UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been treated as one of the best trekking destinations in Ethiopia. The scenes around are mesmerizing. You will also find world-class wildlife that includes monkeys, Ethiopian wolves, and rare birds. The jagged mountains and cliffs should be one of the best options for the adventure-oriented.

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Ladakh, India

Snuggling between India, Tibet, and Pakistan, Ladakh is sparsely populated and is one of the great options to experience the Indian Himalayas. The region is known as the Land of the High Passes. You can reach closer to the Buddhist monasteries and remote villages with ease. While you can carry your own tents, there are several ready-made pp – up camps along the way.

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Breathtaking scenery peppered with tiny villages dominates the sacred land that surrounds Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second-highest peak. There are various campsites dotted around the crater rim, and it’s possible for you and your family to take a guided excursion to spend a night under the stars here.

A guide and porter will pitch your tent for you, but the experience is very much about getting back to nature; you spend the night wrapped in a sleeping bag on a mat or air mattress, but with low nighttime temperatures you’ll need to wear some warm winter clothes and a hat to keep you comfortable during your adventure. Due to this, camping on Mount Rinjani is best suited to older children aged 10 and above.

Patagonia in Chile

If camping on the floor is not your cup of tea, how about opting for glamping? EcoCamp Patagonia in Chile should be an excellent option from that perspective. You can camp inside the geodesic camps inside the domes. That would be something that would give you a feeling of being outdoors even when you are not. You can enjoy the “once in a lifetime” experience of the high-end peaks.

Patagonia Camp in Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine in Chile is arguably one of the best places in the world to appreciate the night’s sky and one of the finest ways to do so is by spending a night or two in a yurt at Patagonia Camp.

Far be it for guests to ‘rough it’ at Patagonia Camp, instead, visitors are treated to centrally-heated wooden tents that boast en-suite facilities and skylights, so you can watch the stars as you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Located on the shores of picturesque Lago Toro, this is property will also appeal to families who care about the impact they have on the environment, with its own water cleaning system and biodegradable bathroom products.

Untitled, Torres del Paine, 1
Photo By: Ben O’Bryan

Miyajima, Japan

The Miyajima Island is located just around a short boat ride from the city of Hiroshima. You can either go in a permanent tent or rent a cabin if you so wish. Of course, there are many temples you will find impressive enough if you are someone culturally oriented. Enjoy the world-class forests and beaches, and then hang out with the domesticated deer as well. There are several domesticated deer available.

Miyajima, also known as Itsukushima. You can camp at the Momijidani Park year-round and enjoy walking among the native, domesticated deer.

Don’t miss the Great Torii Gate at the entrance to Itsukushima Shrine. This structure is an enormous orange stone configuration that is half-submerged at high tide.

You may want to visit in October when the fall foliage is at its brightest. Miyajima and Hiroshima Fall Foliage tours are a must for the entire family. There are self-guided tours, or you can join an adventure through the colorful forest.

Natural Habitat Greenland

This is a remote arctic adventure that includes a deluxe safari camp and cultural encounters with Inuit residents. There is untouched wilderness next to Greenland’s famous ice sheets, which contain glaciers from hundreds of years ago.

There are select indoor accommodations, but those who want to experience the adventure of a lifetime will want to camp outdoors. You can view the uncharted rough country from the outskirts of the forest, and get up close to the glaciers through charter ships. Many of the boat excursions take you through the islands and to the fjords which have quaint villages and welcoming natives.

Bullo River Station, Australia

Bullo River Station offers quintessential Australia at its best. A homestead in the Northern Territory, the property gives guests the chance to immerse themselves in outback life, from building fences and cattle mustering, to the more relaxing pursuits of gorge river cruises and discovering Aboriginal rock art.

The property has newly built cabins for those that wish to spend time in isolation but also offers the chance to spend a night in their “thirteenth room”, where guests are taken in the station’s helicopter to a remote waterfall called the Cascades and supplied with overnight provisions, including a satellite phone, swag, and picnic. Spend the day splashing around in watering holes before sleeping out under the stars at night.

The Isle of Arran, Scotland

A camper’s paradise, The Isle of Arran offers mountains, beaches, bike paths, and hiking trails around the island. There is also a golf course, for the more domesticated campers. Try horseback riding and a safari trip as an alternative way to view the beauty of Arran.

Another type of exploration of the Welsh countryside is Gorge Walking or Canyoning or Scrambling as it is sometimes called. This is an exhilarating way to travel along and view the many scenes of water and land.

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Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

The place for African safaris is Maasai Mara where the large game reserve is best viewed between early July and late October. This is when the migration of zebras, Thomson’s Gazelle, wildebeests, elephants, giraffes, rare black rhino, and much other wildlife are at their peak.

Camping is done along the Mara River and the Maasai people are warm and welcoming. They are best known for their colorful dress and customs.

Sahara Desert Camp, The Erg Chebbi, Morocco

A magical experience for all the family, it’s possible to spend a night in a traditional Arab tent in the heart of the North African desert. The Sahara Desert Camp in the Erg Chebbi, although relatively basic, is one of the best ways to experience traditional Bedouin life.

Enjoy traditional Moroccan fare and entertainment, then take off along the sand dunes atop a camel to watch the sunset over the Sahara. Return to your tent where the electricity is switched off in order for you and your family to take in the clear night sky in all its splendor.

Kulala Desert Lodge, Namibia

A family safari is one of the most exciting holidays you can take and a stay at the Kulala Lodge in Namibia makes a trip just that little bit more memorable.

Sitting on the edge of the world-famous Sossusvlei sand dunes, each of the 23 traditional rooms has a private rooftop terrace where you can sleep out under the stars and enjoy views across the Namib desert. Three of the rooms are designed specifically for families and can accommodate up to two adults and two children.
There are also plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained, including guided quad biking through the sand dunes and nature walks.

Temple Safari, Cambodia

What could be better than camping on the summit of Phnom Kulen National Park with your family? This is Cambodia’s most sacred mountain and a popular pilgrimage site for locals, but its stunning waterfalls and numerous temples mean it’s also a great spot for tourists.

An ideal choice for the active family holiday, this adventure includes a 4km trek across the plateau to see the impressive giant, rock-hewn animals known collectively as Sra Domrei (Elephant Pond). You then head to camp at Preah Kral where you can have a cool shower and a freshly prepared dinner, before watching the night close in from this amazing location.

Camping at Uaxactun in Guatemala

A campsite situated just a stone’s throw away from the famous Mayan ruins at Uaxactun, this is the perfect option for families looking for a rustic and authentic experience under the stars.

While facilities are somewhat limited (toilets and cold showers are provided in a separate block) the candlelit dining experience at the foot of a Mayan temple more than makes up for this.

Sitio arqueológico Uaxactún - Petén, Guatemala

Photo By: rherreramarmol

Traditional Yurt on the South Shore, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan may not be one of the first countries that spring to mind when thinking of a family holiday, but venture to this exotic land and you will be rewarded with lush and mountainous scenery, plenty of walking opportunities and a nomadic culture that forms the base of one of the best starry experiences for families.

A stay in a traditional yurt will give you and your family a truly authentic taste of nomadic life and in addition to the starry nights, you’ll be treated to breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Milky Way Camp, Jordan

Jordan has a lot to offer families; the country’s undoubted highlight, the ancient city of Petra, was used as a location for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade while floating in the Dead Sea is sure to delight family members of all ages.

Jordan is also a great place to appreciate the night’s sky and a stay at the Milky Way Camp is one of the best ways to do this. Found deep in the heart of the magical Wadi Rum, this camp provides an authentic but comfortable stay for a night or two, where guests can enjoy traditional home-cooked food by firelight.

Tinyeleti Treehouse, Lion Sands, South Africa

If you’re looking to really treat the family to a magical and memorable experience, you can’t go far wrong with a stay at Tinyeleti Treehouse at Lion Sands in South Africa. The ultimate for a luxury family holiday, Tinyeleti has an almost Peter Pan feel about it; high up on wooden stilts sits a 40m2 deck, big enough to accommodate up to 4 people with a four-poster bed, seating area, and tables and chairs.

When it comes to camping in the most adventurous places on the planet, make sure you are prepared with the correct equipment as well as the right mindset. Research what you will need to survive in the area you have chosen to explore. If you felt more comfortable, get a guide to take you through the adventure.

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