Best Bucket List of Hikes in the USA You Need to Know

How doesn’t like to go out and take a walk? Well, I have a bucket list of hikes in the USA. Even celebrities love hiking in the mountain. For example, Amanda Seyfried has been seen a lot of times going hiking and even Kendall Jenner sometimes hits the trails. That’s why I have gathered the best bucket list of hikes in the USA.

Hiking is well known for its benefits in health. You can lower your stress levels, and improve your mood. Hiking can even reduce the risk of having heart issues. There’s a bunch of people going hiking to lower their body fat.

If I didn’t inspire you by that, let the best hikes spot in the US do that. There are so many incredible hiking locations in the U.S. for hikers of all levels to travel to. From canyons to forests to volcanoes, there is something interesting to see and wonder at while hiking along some of the country’s best trails. Amazing Hiking Locations in the U.S. with trails for all different difficulty levels and expertise.

If you are interested in hiking one of the top hiking destinations in the country, decide what type of landscape you would like to explore and what part of the country you want to travel to. Every trail requires a different level of skill and preparation, so make sure that you are capable of hiking the trails you are interested in.These are some of the top and most popular hiking locations found in the United States.

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Bucket List of Hikes in the USA

The hiking culture in the US is pretty big. Many people say around the internet that the best hiking places in the world are in the US.

Tamanawas Fall, Oregon

Tamanawas Falls in Oregon
Image from oregonhikers.org

Hidden in the heart of Mount Hood in Oregon. This is one of the most famous hiking trails in Oregon. If you’re a morning person, I highly suggest that you start this trail as soon as the sun starts to rise. A lot of people go to this trail and is FULL on weekends.

I should advise you too to take your recreation pass with you. To hike in this spot and a lot of others in the Mount Hood area, you will need the pass. Don’t worry, you can buy one in the town.

A green trail, easy to do, and surrounded by beautiful trees. One of my favorite things about this hiking trail in the US is that you can hear the sound of the water all along.

Since I recommend you to start this trail with the sunrise to avoid the huge amount of people that go there. I highly recommend you to follow this guide to temperature ratings of insulated jackets by Outdoorcrunch.com. Make sure to stay warm if you decide to go under the waterfall!

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Delicate Arche, Utah

Bucket List of Hikes in the USA: Delicate arche in utah

Located at the Arches National Park in Utah, this Park counts more than 2000 arches. The Delicate Arche is one of the best hikes in the USA for many people. They love this so much, this place, it’s even on the Utah license plate. Cool, huh? Considered by many as the state with the best hiking trails.

With one of the most iconic arches in the park and an amazing view, you will surely have a nice hiking experience. You want to make sure to explore around, you can get surprised by the views you will find there. Make sure you add this to your bucket list as one of the best hikes in our national parks.

Fire Wave, Nevada

Fire wave in nevada

One of the best hiking trails in the us for beginners. There are a lot of hikers that come with their kids, and it’s frequently used by people with disabilities.

There’s not much to say about this hiking trail. The Fire Wave trail is stunning, has great views. It’s packed with fire-red sandstone rocks that will make you feel like you’re in a movie. Definitely one of the best hiking trails with views.

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Black Elk Peak, South Dakota

balck elk peak in south dakota
Image from blackhillsvisitor.com

Located in Custer State Park, the Black El Peak is one of the top places to hike in the US. With seven miles hike and views that you can find in movies, it is full of adventure. Since it’s not an easy trail to do, I recommend you to get ready before. I’m sure it’ll be a nice reward,

A lot of trees and an amazing, rewarding view makes this one of the best hike spots in us to add to your bucket list. You’ll find a cool castle-like tower at the top of the rocks.

Appalachian Trail, Georgia

appalachian trail in georgia

The Appalachian Trail is one of the most well-known, and most frequented, hiking trails in the world. Extending from Georgia to Maine, this trail passes through some of the most beautiful parts of the country and is perfect for camping with a tent, day hikes, short multi-day hikes, or long through hikes that can last an entire season. Some of the more popular sections of trail to start a hike include trails in the Great Smoky Mountains, in the Shenandoah National Park, and through the White Mountain.

Pacific Crest Trail, California

pacific crest trail in california

The Pacific Coast Trail is another great hiking destination for anyone looking to do a long, days-long hike through adventure. This trail runs along with the Cascade and Sierra Mountain Ranges, from California to Washington. This trail is generally done starting in the southern portions of the trail and followed north, though you can pick any trailhead point along the entirety of this 2,600-mile trail to hike along.

Grinnell Glacier Trail, Montana

grinnel glacier trail in montana

For a completely different view that is unique and filled with breathtaking panoramas at every turn, try hiking the Grinnell Glacier Trail. Because of the glaciers and mountains that make up the base of Glacier National Park, this hike is filled with lakes, rivers, and important headwater spots that feed waterways through much of the country all the way to the ocean. This is a serious hike that requires skill and planning, but is well worth the effort.

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Grand Canyon South Rim Trail, Arizona

south rim trail in arizona

There is a lot of debate over which rim of the Grand Canyon makes for a better hike, but the South Rim Trail always comes out on top for those that have done both. More secluded, a better view, and natural vistas of the Grand Canyon are all great reasons to add this top U.S. hiking location to your bucket list.

Halema’uma’u Trail, Hawaii

Where else in the United States can a relatively easy hike take you through a rainforest, up the side of a volcano, and give you the best ocean views that can be overlooked by the chance to look down into an active volcano? The Halema’uma’u Trail in Hawaii is one of a kind and accessible to the most novice hiker, but interesting enough for the most serious hiker too.

Bryce Canyon Rim Trail, Utah

bryce cayon rim trail in utah

For a hiking adventure among an out-of-this-world landscape, head to Bryce Canyon Rim Trail in Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park. This canyon trail takes you through the colorful hoodoos that make this park unique. Hoodoos are what’s left standing after the water has eroded away much of the soft stone and mineral deposits that made up the landscape here. Hikes here are plentiful, with options for all skill levels and interesting points all along each of the trail options. You could hike for days in this part of the country and still see something new every day.

Half Dome Hike, California

half dome hike in california

The Half Dome hike into Yosemite National Park is a classic option for hiking enthusiasts. Usually done as a day hike, this trail will take you through scenic and rigorous sections of the park to bring you to Half Dome, the most challenging part of the hike and only accessible to guests with a day permit to climb.

Conclusion on the Bucket List of hikes in the US

I hope you got inspired and want to go out and do some hiking, It’s incredibly healthy and fun. Get ready for an adventure. Make sure you spend at least a night camping outside, that’s one of the best adventures any hiker will have. If you don’t have a sleeping back, you should take a look at the types of sleeping bags available, found the more suitable for you.

Remember to always stay on trails and carry with you your thrash until you reach a trash can.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

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