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5 of Best Bike Trails in Canada

People who love cycling tend to gain the double benefit of good health and a chance to explore new locations suitable for biking. Canada is one of the most sought-after places for anybody looking to enjoy biking, for it provides an excellent climate for cycling along with challenging trails (like Maryland mountain bike trails) to improve your biking skills. There is no shortage of difficult paths and climbs that prove adventurous and rewarding at the same time.

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biking trail in Canada

For a first-hand experience of enjoying the biking trails in Canada, visit these places:

1) Gulf Islands

If you intend to have a long cycling expedition, then the Gulf islands surrounded by many islands are an ideal place. Each island of the location holds due significance and offers a visual treat to bikers. Among the entire islands, Victoria along with the Gulf islands is popular for its moderate temperatures, low rainfall conditions, and sunny days during summer.

The Vancouver Islands even offers some dedicated bike paths for easy movement. Moreover, the place is also popular for picnics as it hosts artistic studios, farmers markets, spas, wine tasting, and beaches. There are some long trails as well, so bring along a backpack for water, snacks, and some extra clothes.

2) Quebec Route Verte

Quebec is considered the most bike-friendly region of Canada, which offers 5000 kilometers of connected trails. The Route Verte is acknowledged among the world’s best biking trails that even offer scenic beauty along with excellent food.

The place has some small towns like Magog that are beautiful and even give you the privilege to explore two different sections of the Green route. The Eastern Townships even offer bikers night stay facilities in its towns, to enjoy the long trail comfortably. There are many campsites along the way if you feel like roughing it. So bring along a tent and stay in one of the primitive campsites for a real adventure!

3) Alberta

The location is worldwide famous among experienced mountain bikers. It offers a 290 km stretch between Banff and Jasper which runs parallel to the Continental Divide; owing to this path, the mountains are always visible.

The place offers challenging paths that even include epic downhill rides which are fit for coverage by experienced or fit cyclists. The cycling trail also crosses the highway which is devoid of big trucks along with Ice fields Parkway.

4) Ontario

The famous Niagara Falls offers a great pathway for biking enthusiasts from the fall to Fort Erie. The 195km loop along the falls via Port Colborne, Jordan, and Thorold includes silent riverside paths with museums and orchards to provide an excellent biking experience. The location is ideal to visit from May to October.

Even rented bikes can be availed along the Niagara fall of Niagara-on-the-lake. The place also offers comfortable stays along with a bike train from the city of Toronto to Niagara Falls for a weekend travel expedition.

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5) Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail of Nova Scotia is a great experience for bikers that run along a 300 km loop. The location includes forest, ocean, and vistas, and it belongs to the northern part of Cape Breton Island. Since it is a loop, there is no fixed location to start the journey. Moreover, if you are a new biker, the riding might prove tough due to hilly terrains. The location also includes activities like whale watching and fishing.

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