Top 9 Best Beaches in Puglia (Apulia)

To discover Puglia’s best beaches, be inspired by our selection of paradisiacal places. Located in the heel of the Italian boot, Puglia also known as Apulia, is renowned for its magnificent landscapes and exceptional beaches. Here I have listed nine of the best beaches in Puglia, Italy. Take a look at this list for beach lovers looking for luxury.

Best Beaches in Puglia

What to see in Puglia?

The Puglia region offers an excellent climate all year round. This Mediterranean weather guarantees mild winters, sunny transition seasons, and warm summers. However, it is not recommended to go there during February and March, the rainiest months of the year.

If Puglia has a collection of sublime beaches, it is not the only wealth of this Italian region. Take advantage of your holiday to discover its other treasures, starting with the superb city of Bari and its historic centre, around Polignano a Mare the caves of Castellana (the most important in Italy!) and its magnificent stalactites, or the unmissable Lecce, the baroque city par excellence with its famous Roman amphitheater and the Santa Croce Basilica.

Not to be missed: the Tremiti Islands, located 22 kilometers from the Gargano coast. The five small islands that make up this archipelago are distinguished by their crystal-clear waters and sea caves that are popular with diving enthusiasts.

Best Beaches in Puglia

Surrender to the charm of Puglia’s best beaches. Sumptuous landscapes and a favorable climate await you to enjoy an exceptional holiday. With its many ancestral traditions and places of tourist interest, the Puglia region is an ideal destination that combines cultural discoveries and heavenly beaches. Follow our guide to make sure you don’t miss a thing during your stay.

Beaches in Puglia

Cala Porto

Cala Porto is one of the most photographed places in the world, and for a good reason! It is one of the best beaches in Puglia. Hidden between two imposing cliffs, the play of light between the colors of the water and those of the nearby rocky massifs is exceptional. Located in Polignano a Mare, Cala Porto is not the only place of interest in the city. During your venture, do not miss the superb panoramas from the belvedere or the typical white houses that overlook the sea and the beautiful coves below.

Baia di Vignanotica

Located on the east coast of Puglia, this white sand and gravel beach is a must for anyone who takes the road between Vieste and Mattinata. Surrounded by the high white cliffs, Baia di Vignanotica and its crystal clear waters await you for a relaxing day in an idyllic setting.

Porto Selvaggio

Located in a nature reserve and surrounded by lush nature, Porto Selvaggio beach is one of the best beaches in Puglia. Near Nardo, discover an almost secret beach where vegetation mixes with expanses of white sand and turquoise waters.

Punta Prosciutto

This beach in Puglia is one of the most popular in Salento. Punta Prosciutto is suitable for families and athletes, especially trekking enthusiasts. With its high white sand dunes licked by waters reminiscent of those of the Caribbean, it is one of the most popular beaches in Puglia.

Baia di Torre dell’ Orso

Along the Adriatic coast, very close to Melendugno, is one of the best beaches in Puglia. Over half a kilometer, discover a long stretch of sand in front of two famous white reefs called the “Due Sorelle“. Literally, the “two sisters” are among the most important in the region.

San Vito

Located at the foot of the spectacular fortified abbey of San Vito in Polignano a Mare, is the fantastic eponymous beach. Natural swimming pools were formed thanks to the remains of the boulders used to build the abbey, an uncompromising stopover during a stay near the city of Bari.

Baia di Manaccora

Located in the province of Foggia, Baia di Manaccora is part of the Gargano National Park. Very popular during the summer, this beach offers a spectacular landscape between soft sand and turquoise sea. Baia di Manaccora has many advantages and will delight both history lovers with its proximity to prehistoric caves and surfers.


Pescoluse beach is the most famous beach in Salento. Its decoration of fine white sand and crystal clear water reminds us of an atoll in the Indian Ocean. With its shallow water, it is the ideal destination for families with young children.

Torre Sant’Andrea

To be amazed, go to Sant’Andrea beach. Although the latter is not designed to make it a traditional beach, it is worth a look. Located a few kilometers from Otranto and close to the “Baia dei Turchi“, Torre Sant’Andrea is dazzled by its gigantic white reefs bathed in turquoise waters.

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