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Best Attractions in Halifax, Canada For The Whole Family

The beautiful city of Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and is the biggest city in the Atlantic Province of Canada. Halifax offers a rich maritime history and has one of the world’s best working harbors. It is a picturesque Atlantic seaport and is the cultural and economic hub of Eastern Canada. Halifax is the perfect place to visit due to the attractions and historical locations it offers. If visiting from Toronto, you won’t be disappointed so, why not swap the architectural views you are used to for the stunning seaside views Halifax has to offer? That’s why I decided to write about the best attractions in Halifax, Canada.

Buildings, trees and a dock in hlifax, canada

Best Halifax Tourist Attractions

Below is a list of popular tourist destinations and attractions you need to check out whilst in Halifax. Eight of the best places to visit in Halifax.

Peggy’s Cove Day Trips from Halifax 

Why not jump on board an air-conditioned motorboat from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove and learn from your knowledgeable guide about Peggy’s cove and what to look out for? When you arrive at Peggy’s Cove, you can explore on your own or follow a tour guide around the picturesque island. Make sure you look at the small galleries, craft shops, and gift stores that are available, or for the more adventurous, why not have a go at kayaking or go golfing? Another popular attraction at Peggy’s Cove is the stunning lighthouse. This lighthouse is one of the most photographed and popular lighthouses in the world.  

Halifax Harbor Topper Tours 

The Halifax Harbor Hopper is a renovated amphibious vehicle that was used in the Vietnam war era. Why not take a seat on the top deck for the best views of the city’s most popular attractions, both on the water and off? The tour includes a knowledgeable guide who will not only tell you tales of the history of Halifax but will also keep you entertained and engaged throughout. This is the perfect tour for people of all ages. 

Murphy’s DJ Party Boat 

This unusual but well-loved attraction is for all you party lovers out there. You will spend the evening on a stunning boat dancing away to your heart’s content. Get a group of your friends together and enjoy the drink specials the boat offers from a choice of two onboard bars. Make your evening memorable by taking in the stunning views of the shoreline whilst enjoying your favorite drink from this nightclub on water. 

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada 

Halifax owes its existence to the Citadel, which is why this is such a popular tourist destination. Citadel Hill is the tallest hill that overlooks the harbor below. One of the first buildings constructed on the hill was a small wooden guardhouse where soldiers would stand and keep guard over the harbor. As this fort grew over the years, so did the town. A lot of Halifax was dedicated to providing the soldiers with off-duty entertainment and essential supplies. This historical site offers an informative look at military history.

There are re-enactments with rifles shot and cannons fired daily. Guided tours are also available here, which talk you through how gunpowder was stored, how the jails worked, etc. Each day there is a changing of the guard, which is a must-see for locals and travelers alike. You can also tour the Citadel Army Museum, which showcases military history, from the First World War to modern-day conflict. For those of you who like to get involved, why not have a go at becoming a soldier for the day? This three-hour programmed enables you to step back in time and take on the role of a Highlander. You will be supplied with an authentic uniform including a wool kilt, sporran, wool socks, boots, cotton shirt, spats, and a Glengarry bonnet. You will learn about the life of a soldier and also experience the sight, smell, and sound of black powder. You may also be chosen to fire the cannons or a rifle! 

Halifax Public Gardens 

These stunning public gardens are open all year round and have something to offer everyone. With its water features, bandstands and stunning flower bed arrangements, it is the perfect place to relax after a busy day. There are lots of trails to follow where you can take in the beautiful scenery as you go. 

Canadian Museum of Immigration 

The Canadian Museum of Immigration occupies part of the old immigration shed and ocean liner terminal, which was in use between 1928 and 1971. This historic site was used as a gateway for one million immigrants. It was also the leaving point for more than 500,000 soldiers during WWII.  The museum pays tribute to the citizens of Canada who enriched the country. It has displays that showcase the contributions of newcomers to Canada’s economy, culture, and way of life, from the past to the present day. It showcases how Canada has been shaped by the world. This museum gives you the opportunity to learn about the types of experiences immigrants had when they first arrived in Canada. It teaches you about how the immigrant’s contributions have made Canada the friendly place it is today. This museum also has a souvenir shop on-site for people who wish to take away a little reminder of the day. There is also a café for you to sit down and refuel before continuing with your day.  

Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk 

Why not take a look at the historic port whilst walking along Halifax’s scenic Waterfront Boardwalk? It is the perfect place for a stroll and is the gateway into Canada for one million immigrants. It offers some quaint restaurants and shops, as well as a ferry terminal where you can have a relaxing ferry ride. The restaurants are the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a meal whilst looking out over the scenic views. The boardwalk also features some impressive ships, including the last of the WWII convoy escort corvettes.  

Neptune Theater

Since 1915, shows and productions have been performed on the site of the Neptune Theater. It was originally called the Strand Theater and was designed by the first professional architect in Nova Scotia. In 1926, there was a serious fire, which led to the Theater being renovated and redecorated. In 1962, the Theater was sold and re-named Neptune Theater. It was then re-opened in 1963. Today the Neptune Theater is Atlantic Canada’s biggest professional Theater and there are many top shows such as The Beauty and the Beast and Cats. Each year, this Theater offers a wide range of theatrical experiences, making it the perfect place to visit. The Theater is also home to a Theater school which runs classes for young actors and actresses. Why not have a look to see what shows are on whilst you’re visiting Halifax? 

Halifax is an amazing place to visit for adults and children alike. It is steeped in history, which is fascinating to learn about. It also offers a nightlife for people who like to party away their nights whilst looking out over stunning views. Who wouldn’t want to visit this magnificent city?  

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