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Best Areas in Athens for a Night Out

Athens is a popular and thrilling city in Greece known for many things and one of them is its lively nightlife and countless opportunities for relaxing and fun, just a few steps away from the luxury suites in Athens. The night scene in Athens is a thriving scene and offers fun for everyone. Whether you’re aiming for a more laid-back vibe, a party, or a chill area for some drinks and food, Athens sure has it all.

Athens is a diverse and stunning city, well known for its amazing culture and rich history, it’s packed with attractions and a wide range of things to see and do, and a thriving food scene. Making the perfect destination for anyone looking for an outstanding trip. But something that’s often overlooked is its great nightlife.

From cafés, and a rooftop garden in Athens to clubs and bars, the opportunities are endless and there’s something that suits any interest or taste, making it one of the best destinations for tourists looking for relaxation and party.

So, with all the number of areas suitable for a night out, where’s the right place for you to go out at night in Athens? Where can you find the best music for dancing, great food and drinks or a laid-back bar for an evening out?

Find out, here, the most popular areas for an evening in Athens.

a man standing near a pedestrian lane on a night out in Athens, Greece

What are the best areas to enjoy the nightlife in Athens?

There are a ton of areas suitable for a party, or enjoying a drink. If you are heading to Athens, you check a couple of these areas. The most popular ones are:

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One of the most popular areas in relation to having a drink, meeting people, dancing, and party. A trendy area full of life, home to a ton of bars and restaurants ranging in variety with distinctive styles and a laid-back feeling.

It’s so varied that you can start off your night at a bar chatting and spend the rest of it dancing in another pub. Almost every single place has its own Djs too.


This side of Athens is by far the most admired area among tourists, famous for its cobblestone streets, this area has a tourist feeling to it. Also, you have the Acropolis Hill super close, making the views even better.

If you search for a cozy and local feel, search beyond the tourist side and the gift stores, you’ll find small and dingy bars where locals enjoy a glass of wine. Also, this locality is outstanding for tasting the local gastronomy.

A stunning historical area charged with a lot of entertainment and culture.


One of the oldest areas for nightlife in Athens, where a ton of local residents and tourists have enjoyed a night out for decades. It’s well known for its restaurants and bars, offering hours of entertainment.

It also offers a serene landscape for the ones that want an escape from the busy main city, an area to feel at ease.

Psyrri is located near Monastiraki, you can find taverns with folk music, and local food, convert venues, funky bars, and stalls selling street food. 

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