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Are These the Worst and Best Airports in the US?

Anyone who’s ever traveled by plane knows that not all airports are created equal. Some of them are brimming with people, constantly congested and crowded; others have some actual breathing room. Some are pleasant places to shop and pass time, even during long layovers; others are dank, dingy, and unappealing. And some have a plethora of remarkable dining options, while others offer only the most meager of fast food selections. The names and information for the top three best airports in the US and the top three worst ones.

If you’re plotting some air travel and have some options with regard to which airports you pass through, it’s advantageous to think through some of their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll list some of the best—and some of the worst—U.S. airports in the paragraphs that follow.

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Best Airports in the US
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Best Airports in the US

First, is a roundup of some of the best airports in America.

1. Northern Kentucky International Airport – Cincinnati

A great airport experience isn’t just about the venue itself; the website also makes a difference, and that’s where this one really shines—with an online portal that provides up-to-date security wait times, parking directions, and more. This tech-powered airport is simply a very seamless and easy place to board a plane.

2. LAX – Los Angeles

The famed Los Angeles terminal tends to be pretty busy and even congested, which may not sound ideal to you—but there’s one thing that makes it stand out: Its culinary selections. No other airport boast as diverse a range of boutique restaurants, fancy eateries, unique fast food places, and great burger joints. Also, given the considerable distance and traffic of this city, one of the best ways to fly out of Los Angeles is by booking airport parking at LAX and driving your own vehicle for peace of mind.

3. International Airport – Denver

Denver’s airport makes the grade on the basis of its sheer pleasantness. There are dozens upon dozens of cool shops here, a lot of wonderful places to eat, and a quirky art program that makes for an appealing environment in which to spend your layover. All airport experiences should be so enjoyable!

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Worst Airports in the US

For every really great airport, there is a fairly terrible one—and some of these are truly unpleasant. Avoid if you can!

1. LaGuardia International Airport – New York City

If you’re looking for congestion, slow lines, and poor communication, this one’s for you!

2. Louis Armstrong International Airport – New Orleans

Another one that’s poorly managed, wildly unpleasant, and sure to put a damper on your travel experience.

3. International Airport – Honolulu

The only good news here is that, if you’re not vacationing in Hawaii, you’ll probably never have to pass through here.

You don’t always have the luxury of deciding which airports you fly through and which you pass over—but if you ever do, hopefully, this quick guide will help you make prudent decisions for your air travel.

What are the Best Airports in the US that you have been to?

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