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7 Pieces of Advice For Setting Up A Yoga Studio

Do you know that setting up a Yoga studio shall consider scheme, decor, and furnishings? You may hire a professional or do it yourself when setting up your Yoga Studio. You can have limitless ideas when creating your beautiful and functional Yoga studio. Information about seven of the main things to keep in mind In this blog, you will find when you are Setting Up A Yoga Studio.

Of course, there is not one-style-fits- all Yoga studio. The yoga studio that considers uniqueness in design is the essential element that makes your Yoga studio to stand out.

Setting Up A Yoga Studio

Key Points to Ponder in Setting Up A Yoga Studio

Think of the big picture of your Yoga Studio

Your Yoga Studio must have a focus. It can focus on fitness, spiritual, or tranquility. The perspective should drive the purpose of your students. However, most Yoga studios have a variety of classes that aims to meet different objectives. But the best practice is to identify your overarching focus.

The following can be your consideration: 

  • Fitness
  • Spiritual
  • Healing
  • Tranquil
  • Weight Loss
  • Training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Gender Specific
  • Kids
  • Specific Type of Yoga
  • Acrobatic
  • Mind/Body Balance

Yoga Studio Design Themes

The following are themes that may inspire you:

  • The outdoors are inside your studio. A nature theme which may include nature sounds, trees/plants, and woods 
  • Urban ideas showing wood, glass, steel, and concrete
  • The industrial theme that exposes ceilings, concrete, steel, brick
  • Light and airy theme with pastel colors, expansive spaces, plenty of natural light
  • Bright and cheerful theme with bright colors that are slightly eclectic
  • A vintage theme where you can journey your students to a different era with design
  • Minimalist theme that perhaps bring a conservationist message to pass on
  • Modern European theme showcasing the white, sleek curves, stylish, glass
  • Cottage Style theme using the light colors, soft, airy, casual
  • Caribbean/Resort Style that invites students to the tropics with Mediterranean and tropical colors

Whatever style you choose, the important thing is the consistency of your program and theme. 

Setting Up A Yoga Studio


The flooring is the most crucial element in Yoga. The Coretec Dallas has a variety of different flooring types and designs perfect for your Yoga Studio:

  • The excellent for flooring are Hardwood, cork and bamboo flooring
  • Acceptable Flooring are exercise mat flooring

The following are to be avoided:

  • Carpet because it quickly gets filthy and stinky.
  • Tiles are cold and hard
  • Laminates flooring because they are stiff and hard.
  • Vinyl flooring is cold and hard.
  • Concrete is cold and hard.

Colors and Emotions

No doubt, colors can set the tone of a Yoga Studio. Consider carefully the color schemes that should match your theme. 

Ceiling Height

Sad to say, this element is the most difficult to find. Not all available potential spaces for the studio have a high ceiling. The best ceiling height must be at least 10 feet, and the minimum standard height can be 8 feet. It will be enough to accommodate a 6’4” tall student with arms extending during the class. 

Consider placing a reception area

Most of the studio do not consider the setting up of a reception area. It can be a simple kiosk, reception bar, or desk where you can greet the students and process payments. It would also be great if you invest in health club software. It can assist you as a business owner to properly manage your employees’ effectiveness. Your staff will also benefit from using health club software to keep track of membership information, manage accounts, and manage point-of-sale transactions. The reception area can set the tone of a welcoming environment and build rapport among your students.

Lounge area 

Everybody loves to see a comfy couch to sit while waiting for a class of chat with fellow students. It can invite students to stay long. The longer they stay, the more you build trust and consistency. However, do not use up all the spaces for the lounge. Set this up if you have the luxury of space.

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