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Best Adventure Holiday Destinations in the World in 2019

Not everyone loves the holidays to be filled with fun and frolic. If you belong to that unique genre of people who looks for the adrenaline pumping action, maybe we can help you out with the select list of  destinations you can move on. Of course, listing such destinations is easier than it would appear to be. However, we are making an attempt in that direction.Seven of the most amazing places to visit on an adventure holiday this year.In this article, you will find information about adventure holiday

Adventure Holiday Destinations

There are multiple beautiful locations around the world.  Some of them give their visitors access to adventure sports and other activities. Here are a few once in a lifetime experience experiences you can enjoy. Check out these destinations and share your thoughts with us.

Best Adventure Holiday Destinations in the World in 2019

Leh, India

Adventure Holiday Destinations - leh india

The Rocky Mountains in the Leh should provide you with access to a wonderful experience. One of the most surreal locations in India, it will provide you with umpteen experiences for adventure activities. While it offers you an excellent natural beauty, it also doubles up as a great location for the dare devilry.

The high altitude and rough desert trail are the two features that work best towards enhancing your adrenaline rush. A few adventurous activities you can indulge include cycling, river rafting and mountaineering. In fact, we would consider the terrain one of the best for hiking. There are several hiking trails lined with gompas.

San Ignacio

Located in Belize, it is known as the best ecotourism destination. The region is home to some of the world’s best caves and rainforests. You can take on the world with the white water rafting or kayaking across cascading rivers across the destination. The honeycomb fossil formation is yet another excellent option you can enjoy the best.

The region is worthy of staying here for several days. Some other options you can enjoy would include a horseback ride to the ancient Mayan temples. Then there are several limestone sinkholes you can enjoy.


adventure holidays - Longyearbyen

The area is located at the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. It is the northernmost town in the world. The town of Longyearbyen is one of the well-known city in Norway. It is a polar dessert filled with the glaciers. It should be a perfect destination for the trekking adventures. You can even indulge in snowmobile activities as well.

If you are hungry enough for the adventure, the snow-covered mountains offer you an excellent option for quad biking adventures. In fact, you can even take it ahead with your stay in Nordic wooden houses.

San Gil

It may be a small city in Colombia, but if you have a keen eye for the adventure, it can be the best destination you can visit. The city offers you a wide range of adventure activities; some prominent options include kayaking, bungee jumping, horseback riding and river rafting to name just a few.

You can even decide to paraglide over the Chicamocha Canyon. This ride involves a wide range of adventures actions like running and jumping from the cliff. How about floating down to a 6500 feet deeper region? The Parque Nacional de Chicamocha is a great choice.


adventure holiday - PhongNha

The city is located in Vietnam and one of the best for the adventure activities. It offers you the adrenaline pumping world of PhongNha-Ke Bang National Park. How about checking out the wonderful world of karst mountains and jungle. These mountains are over 400 million years old and provide you access to a huge range of caves.

There are several tours available for the biggest caves in the region. But if you think the fares for those tours are really high, you can cycle through the tropical rivers. The route is laced with the rustic villages and carpets of rice paddies and also terraced hills. You can even consider a guided trek.

Waitomo Caves

New Zealand is a beautiful country and one of the best when it comes to holiday destinations. However, if you are looking for the wonders of adventure, it offers you the options as well. Waitomo is an excellent and wonderful option for those checking out adventure experiences. It also offers you access to a huge maze of caves.

You can also check out the options in the form of hills and waterfalls. The region is home to the subterranean network of rock formations. In addition to the caves and the adventurous experience that it offers you, Waitomo also provides you with a breath taking a view of glow-worms clinging to the walls of the caves. You can take a guided boat ride through the wonderful night illuminated by these worms. Wouldn’t it be a more wonderful experience?


Of course, if you are someone who has visited the Victoria Falls, you would have moved through Livingstone. However, the Livingstone is an area specifically designed for you if you are someone looking for the best adventure experiences. In fact, it has been considered to be a paradise for those searching for adrenaline pumping activities.

It offers you one of the best white rafting experiences in the entire world. You can even combine it with a camping trip as well. The spot also offers you several adventure options like bungee jumping, canoeing, or even ziplining. You can even take a dip in what is called Devil’s Pool.

The Concluding Thoughts

Looking to take the test of your mental and physical endurance? Want to check out the harrowing, yet exciting move into the extremely once in a lifetime experience that you will never want to forget. We just hope the destinations listed in this compilation would meet most of your needs and expectations.

The regions listed here some of the destinations held in high esteem as the best options for the adventure travel. These are the perfect options that have been listed by the globe trotters. Choose the ones that really impress you and share your thoughts with us. You may also share your personal favorites that you may have found during your search for the best adrenaline raising experiences.

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