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The Best Activities in Cuba for Erstwhile Adventurers

Cuba has an awful lot to offer adventurous holiday-goers. Aside from its stunning scenery and beautiful beaches, it’s filled with plenty to do as well as to see, so that you don’t have to sit still for a second. If you prefer long walks to lazing on a beach, and would take hiking over kicking back in a five-star hotel, here are a few adventures you might want to embark on.Four of the best activities that Cuba has to offer to adventurers.Take a look at this blog post to learn about activities in Cuba.

Activities in Cuba


Underwater Activities
Cuba is famed for its breath-taking beaches and sparkling seas, but if sunbathing isn’t your style, there are plenty of other ways that you can enjoy them, starting with some underwater adventuring. The two most popular outdoor activities are snorkeling and scuba diving, with centers dotted all over the island. Enlist a professional diver to take you deep down under the sea, and enjoy stunning sights that you’ll never forget. From surreal shipwrecks to magnificent coral reefs, there’s plenty to see when you journey into the blue.

Cuba is filled with rivers, and for those who are fans of some extreme sporting action, rafting is one of the best ways to enjoy them. Exciting, adrenaline rush inducing, and unforgettable, it is best experienced on the Rio de Aguas Blancas, a waterway known for its extreme twists and turns and hair-rising ride. Offering a chance to admire the country’s exquisite loveliness at the same time as getting your blood up, it’s the perfect pastime for erstwhile adventurers.

Cuba is a wonderland of lush mountains and beautiful national parks, and there are plenty of climbing, hiking, and trekking trails to explore for those who want to see them up close and in detail. Sierra Maestra is a particularly lovely place to go adventuring, with plenty of wild things to spot and vistas that will take your breath away, as is the stunning Vinales Valley. Dare to go down barely trodden paths to see the most picturesque parts of this charming country Cuba.

Before you go to Cuba, we recommend casting your pre conceived notions of fishing aside. Beloved of locals and tourists alike, it’s very different to sitting by a dreary English river in the pouring rain. Instead, it will give you a chance to really appreciate the stunning coastline, and there are plenty of boats to hire for those who want to enhance their experience by heading out into the crystalline waters. One of the best spots to give it a go is beautiful Varadero, which is worth a visit for its charm alone.

If you’re in need of a new adventure, why not book a trip to Cuba today?

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