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My Best 5 South Africa Road Trip Tips

Out of the many things that there are to be done in South Africa, taking a road trip is probably one of the most exciting for those who have at least a week or two to explore parts of the country.

All that is required in order to start this adventure is having a valid license, google maps, and hiring a car with Avis in South Africa. As always, there are things that you might want to be conscious of when going on an adventure in a new country. So I put together a list of five of my top tips.

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aerial view of a city in south africa

5 South Africa Road Trip Tips

1. Are you sure you have enough gas?

In South Africa, some gas stations on the highways or roads are pretty far from each other. so you might find yourself low on gas often if you don’t take the precaution of refilling the tank all the way to the top each time you see one.

It doesn’t matter if Google is telling you that there is another one nearby. They might not be as close as you think.

2. Don’t stop for hitchhikers

This is something that we kept hearing when we rented our car and told some locals that we were about to embark on a road trip. Apparently thieves like to pretend that their car is broken down and that they need your help.

They do this in order to steal your car or take any valuables that you might have. I’m sure this isn’t 100% of the cases but why risk it right?

3. Adopt what we like to call a grand parent’s schedule

This translates into: get up early and go to bed early to avoid driving at night, especially through roads that might not get a lot of traffic. There tend to be a ton of carjackings during the night hours.

If you don’t follow my advice and still want to drive at night, run the red lights that you might find. The law allows this.

4. Always have a cooler with you in the car

This one serves a double purpose. First, you are more comfortable because you will always have snacks and cold beverages with you. With this hot climate, it is always nice to have cool water on hand.

But it is also a great thing to have if you get lost or don’t find any restaurants that you might like to eat in during the day. so keep it well stocked.

5. Don’t rely solely on Google Maps

This app, as well as some other apps with maps, is awesome, but they sometimes experience glitches, and you don’t always have internet reception. So having an old-school paper map and knowing how to work with it is a great advantage that you will have if you want to avoid getting lost.

Bonus: Keep your windows up if you want to avoid being haunted by mosquitoes inside the car. It can be pretty annoying.

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