4 of the Amazing Benefits of Using Airport Transfers

One of the biggest dilemmas about flying starts with ‘how to get to the airport?’, especially when you are in a place other than your hometown. What do you do if you do not have anyone to pick you up or drop you off from the airport? Taxi, right?

However, I am sure that you would also agree that getting a taxi is a bigger task in itself. Luckily, there is another and most often than not, much better option- ‘airport transfers.

While most people have a mindset that getting anything from the ‘airport’ is ruthlessly expensive, airport transportation services are an exception.

Benefits of Using Airport Transfers
One of the biggest dilemmas about flying starts with ‘how to get to the airport?’, especially when you are in a place other than your hometown. This is where airport transfers offer an amazing benefit.

4 Benefits of Using Airport Transfers

1. Better than Public Transportation

Traveling via public transportation is not everyone’s cup of tea. Be it a bus, taxi, or metro- if you do not have patience, forget traveling, you cannot even board these. And, if you have heavy luggage with you-seriously, good luck!

Secondly, if you are in an unknown destination, public transport can be confusing; where to board, where to de-board, what service would be better and drop you closer to your accommodation- all this creates unnecessary confusion.

And, lastly, if you do manage to travel via public transport, you would be inevitably exhausted. However, on the other hand, airport transportation services throw all of this confusion, wait and exhaustion out of the equation.

They make your journey from the airport to your destination or from your home/ place of stay to the airport much easier.

Amazing Benefits of Using Airport Transfers
Airport transportation services, be it a car or bus, are lighter in your pocket.

2. Economical for airport transfers

Airport transportation services, be it a car or bus, are lighter in your pocket. For instance, airport transportation services offer both personal and share or shuttle ride options. If you chose a shared ride, your average fare would cut out to be up to $10 to $25 on an average, depending upon whether you chose a bus or a car ride.

Similarly, even if you choose a private luxury airport transportation service like Clarks Airport Transfers, it is totally affordable; your fare would be no more than $45 to $65.

Add the luxury of privacy and comfort on top of it, and the fare deems totally worth it.

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3. Convenient

Traveling via airport transportation services give you the convenience of choosing your own time, pick up and drop off location, without any extra charges. Moreover, most of these services guarantee punctuality.

So, be it 2 in the afternoon or early morning, you would not have to worry about missing your flight just because you couldn’t find transport; all you have to do is get ready and wait for your booked service to pick you up from your designated location.

benefits of airport transfers
Since airport transportation services have a reputation to maintain, they hire drivers after careful screening. This makes for a safer and more relaxing journey for passengers.

4. Reliable Drivers for airport transfers

Since airport transportation services have a reputation to maintain, they hire drivers after careful screening. They drive responsibly and know every road, turn and landmark by heart so if you want you can turn your ride home/ hotel/ airport a sight seeing affair, and be sure of your safety.

So, the next time you have a trip to or from the airport, you know you have a reliable, safer, and much cheaper option than waiting for a taxi to choose you over other passengers.

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Last Updated on February 8, 2024

28 thoughts on “4 of the Amazing Benefits of Using Airport Transfers

  1. I think it’s important to consider airport transportation because, like you said, public transportation often takes a lot of patience. Not that it’s bad to wait, but it can be difficult to learn to navigate a public transport system in a new city that has a specific schedule. Airport transportation can help save you a lot of time on your trip, overall.

  2. My parents are wanting to take my husband and me on a vacation to Disney this summer! It was greatly appreciated to know, from the article, that the services drive responsibly, and know every road, turn and landmark by heart. In sum, we will be sure to keep that in mind when we are planning our trip!

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  4. When going to a business meeting it is important that you are there on time and ready to discuss important topics and to learn. Because of that, it is important that when you are traveling you have a way to get to those meetings. I think that it would be beneficial to make sure that you hire a transport service from the airport so that you will know for sure that you get to meeting on time. Your driver will know where to go ahead of time so they will find the fastest way there.

  5. My wife and I are going on vacation next month. We are planning the last few details of the trip, including ground transportation. I didn’t realize airport shuttle services are able to provide safe travel by using careful screening to hire drivers. I’ll be sure to share this info with my wife.

    1. Hey Tomas,

      Yes, you can get safe services.

      Where are you guys going?

  6. The convenience of an airport transportation service seems to be really important. It would seem that you would want to find a service when you are really crunched for time and cannot drive yourself. My sister is going out of town on business so she’ll have to find a transportation service that will be convenient for her to help out.

  7. I really liked how the article mentions that taking an airport taxi instead of public transportation is beneficial since it is less confusing and not quite as exhausting. I can see why it would be much easier to have a taxi that can take you from the airport straight to your destination. My wife and I are planning a trip later this year, and I think utilizing airport transportation would be extremely beneficial.

  8. My husband and I are getting ready to go on vacation, and we are trying to find the right way to get around. I like how you said if we use airport transportation, we won’t have to use public ones. It would be great not having to worry about our luggage, and us having to carry it on and off of everything.

  9. You wrote that transportation services are vastly superior to public transportation, as you don’t have to wait on their schedules. I’m planning on visiting my brother in a few months and was wondering how I would get around town. I know that we have a really packed schedule, so having a service that can be there when we need them would help things go a lot smoother.

  10. My fiance and I are going on vacation soon and we will be landing late and don’t want to pay for a full day with a rental. I like the convenience of simply hiring an airport taxi service that will be ready at any time for us. This may be a great solution for us. Thanks for the tips!

  11. I like that you mention how a professional delivery service will be lighter on your pocket. My brother is looking to do a lot of traveling soon and wants to make it in his budget. I’ll be sure to talk to him about finding a transportation service that can help with that. http://www.a1taxidbq.com/

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  13. It was nice how you said that airport shuttle services have reputations to maintain and so they are careful with the screening and will only hire the best drivers to bring their clients to where they are supposed to go. That’s really good, especially since I’m planning to go on a business-related trip next month, and I can’t afford to be late. Now I have more reason to hire an airport shuttle service for my trip. Thanks a lot!

  14. I really like that you mentioned how affordable shuttle services are. My wife and I are thinking about taking the shuttle to the airport when we take our trip to Hawaii so we don’t have to worry about paying for parking and the security of our car. Having a shuttle take us to the airport and bring us home would be fantastic and really help us out a lot!

  15. One of the things that I truly appreciated was how you said that airport transportation services will pick me up and drop me off at any location that I want without charging extra. I actually like that considering that I’m trying to save money for my trip overseas next week. I was actually planning to just use my car to save money but then I realized that it’s going to be a hassle knowing that I have to find a parking space and so on. Seeing this article gave me peace of mind. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Thank you for explaining how an airport transfer service is more convenient. I am traveling soon and I am needing a convenient way to get to my hotel. I will look into using an airport transfer service.

  17. I am glad that you brought up how airport transportation services take out the wait, confusion, and exhaustion of having to use public transportation. My wife and I are going to New York City this summer and we are debating on what type of transportation we should use. I really don’t want to drive in that traffic or sit on a bus so I’ll see what she thinks about hiring a transportation service.

  18. You make an excellent point about ensuring the driver is reliable and experienced when choosing an airport transport service. My kids are planning to go on a family vacation. I will definitely ask them to consider airport transport.

  19. Hello,I am very interested in starting my own Airport transfer service. I want to make sure that I am doing everything right and I am compliance with the guidelines please help

  20. Hello,I am very interested in starting my own Airport transfer service. I want to make sure that I am doing everything right and I am compliance with the guidelines please help.

  21. How great that you mention that airport transportation services are more affordable. My husband and I are having a romantic date on Friday. We will find a great luxury transportation service locally as well.

  22. I appreciated it the most when you wrote that airport transportation services guarantee convenience punctuality that you will arrive at your designated location on time. My family is going on a vacation for the first time in a while, and we want to ensure convenient transportation. I think we should hire an airport shuttle to make sure that our travel is worry-free.

    1. HI Victoria,

      definitely, or a private pick up, you don’t want to have this extra concern over your head

  23. It’s nice that you pointed out how an airport transfers make your journey from the airport to your destination much easier. I am planning to go out of town next month and thinking of ways to make the journey comfortable. I should probably rent a LAX shuttle to transport me from the airport and into my hotel.

  24. Thank you for talking about how a private shuttle is so much better than public transportation. I want to go on a great trip this summer. I will also find a great shuttle to JFK airport to help.

  25. There are many benefits to using airport transfers, including convenience, efficiency, and cost savings.

    Convenience: Airport transfers are a convenient way to get to and from the airport. You don’t have to worry about parking or dealing with traffic.

    Efficiency: Airport transfers are a more efficient way to travel since you don’t have to waste time driving or dealing with public transportation.

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