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Benefits of Traveling with a Satellite Phone

Satellite phones have been a must for adventurers for a while now. They are great to stay in touch in remote areas. But did you know that all sorts of travelers can also take advantage of using these devices? There are many advantages to carrying one on your next trip. They are also sold all over the place by companies like are many benefits of owning a satellite phone, but did you know that you can also take advantage of Traveling with a Satellite Phone.

I list the top of them below, but first: 

Traveling with a Satellite Phone

What is a satellite phone?

A satellite phone is nothing more than a cellphone with much better reception. It connects to pretty much any other satellite around the earth or other phone networks, making it much more reliable when it comes to signal. Because it does not rely on terrestrial cell towers or cell sites as your smartphone does, it has much wider coverage.

These might not be your fun smartphone type devices but they are certainly awesome. 

Top 3 Benefits of Traveling with a Satellite Phone

Contact Family Members While Traveling

Staying in touch with family while abroad is essential for travelers. It is a support system that we all enjoy having for ur own peace of mind. Plus, they love hearing from our adventures and knowing that we are OK. 

The thing is, that this usually becomes impossible when traveling to a less populated area or a remote one. In the best case, reception is scarce. But, if you have a satellite phone you won’t lose reception.

Keep in Touch with Authorities of Family Members in Case of Emergency

Even though we don’t like to think about it, things happen, and yes, we are all subject to running into emergencies or accidents. And the odds of this happening while traveling are a little higher. That is why it is important to have a reliable form of communication that can help you get out of these situations in the best way possible. 

This is especially true if the emergency or accident is massive. Regular cellphone towers get saturated fast, leaving all users uncommunicative. This, of course, doesn’t happen to satellite phone users. To contact the hospital, 911 operators, or another emergency hotline will be a lot easier for you. 

Let Everyone Know Where You Are During Back road Trips 

If you are someone who enjoys an outdoor adventure every once in a while, you will get even more use out of these phones. They come with a function that automatically shares your GPS location with your preferred contact at specific intervals. 

This way, if you were to get lost or injured, rescue authorities will be able to go get you a lot faster and without spending tons of search and rescue resources. Saving them money and increasing your chances of survival. 

do you use one already? Let me know what you think of it in the comments. 

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