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Benefits of Service Apartments for Short Term Accommodations

If you have never ever booked a service apartment while traveling, maybe it is high time you give these marvels a chance!In this article, we are going to list down some of the major benefits of service apartments for short term accommodations.

Benefits of Service Apartments

Most, if not all of us have always been attracted to hotels when it comes to booking for both long, as well as short-term stays. However, almost every travel expert points out that as compared to hotels, service apartments offer a better experience every time around. 

Businesses that have to send their professionals to locations for extended duration, like ten days or a month (on projects) should explore service apartments. Not only do they offer more amenities, but they are also more affordable and easier on the pocket than traditional hotels.

 If you or someone you know is planning your next vacation, or simply traveling for work-related activities, you might be interested in what we have to say. 

What are Service Apartments?

You need to think of service apartments like complete flats that are decked out just like normal homes. For example, unlike a hotel, where you normally get just one room, in short-term apartments, you get two or even three-bedroom set-ups. 

Many families that have to carry out remodeling and renovation work in their existing homes can move to such apartments for the entire duration of their work. All you need to do is to book the place for a defined period- a week, a month, or even more!

The following are some things you can expect in short-term apartment accommodations- 

  • Full-suite kitchen set-up
  • Generous space on offer
  • Round the clock security
  • Room and concierge services
  • More privacy and confidentiality
  • Personal touch and approach to guests

Since these stays have fewer guests that stay for extended periods, the overall levels of hygiene and sanitization are better in budget short term accommodation in Singapore. The staff develops a relationship with the guests and can create meals that are according to their diet plans and nutritional needs. 

List of 5 Major Benefits of Service Apartments for Short Term Accommodations

In this section, we are going to outline and list down five major benefits of service apartments for short term accommodations- 

  1. Generous and luxurious interior space-

Most hotel rooms that you would have stayed in can be guilty of being cramped. You move a bit and you hit a piece of furniture. With service apartments, this is never the case. The reason is that even one-bedroom service apartments come with their own living and dining room. Data points out that there is at least 30% more space in service apartments than in hotels. 

  1. Addresses every type of traveler and their travel needs-

Whether you are a corporate professional staying in one for a month, or a family living for the duration of your home’s interior work, this accommodation is perfect for both. You get the luxury of space, better affordability, and more freedom to do as you please. For example, you can cook using the kitchen, just like your home, and enjoy all the other benefits. 

  1. Attentive and courteous staff that is present 24×7-

When guests stay in hotels, the staff is not too bothered about what they will think of the service. However, in in-service apartments where guests stay for the short-term, the staff members are attentive in providing the highest standards of comfort and convenience. Since the input of the guests is taken very seriously, you will always enjoy the best and highest levels of service. 

  1. Greater affordability and cost-efficiency-

Many people are price-sensitive and look for stays that offer a complete value-for-money proposition. When it comes to service apartments, you can rest assured that what you would have to pay at the end of your stay will be at least half or even one-third of a hotel. This is the most important reason why many prefer service apartments for short-term accommodation. 

  1. Rich amenities and facilities for the guests-

We already mentioned that all the best service apartments come with a full kitchenette. In addition, you also get gyms, fitness centers, Wi-Fi connections (part of your accommodation), and several other things. This makes service apartments an attractive proposition. Some also come with swimming pools and spa rooms to recreate that luxurious experience for the guests. 

The Bottom Line

Apart from the above benefits, you also get room service and cleanliness benefits. Every time you come back to your room, you are going to find it spotless and clean. If you would like us to discuss any more points on service apartments, or why you should prefer them over hotels during your next travel, simply write to us in the comments section below. We will try our best to address as many of your queries as possible. 

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