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Benefits of Cruising From New Jersey Ports

While planning a cruise, most people expect to sail out of cruise ports like PortMiami in Florida. After all, PortMiami is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. However, there are dozens of cruise ports lining shorelines across the United States, and New Jersey is home to a lesser-known boatyard. 

There are many advantages of taking cruises from NJ, and we plan on going over the biggest benefits. The views, convenient transportation, dining options, and cruise destinations are 4 of the many advantages of sailing from an NJ port. 

Beautiful Views 

The state of NJ resides right next to New York City. That means that guests on the cruise will have a great view of both the city’s skyline and the Statue of liberty. The far-away view of New York City is perfect for those that hate the fast-paced environment of major cities. Enjoy New York in all its glory and beauty without navigating tourists and crowds!

The statue of liberty is a bonus, and passengers will get a view of it while leaving New Jersey port and when coming back. Viewing the statue of liberty on the water is unique compared to visiting it up close and on land. From afar, one can take in how big it truly is. 

Convenient Transportation 

If you’re looking for a more comfortable experience, Air Brook is the right choice. Their professional and experienced drivers have the right knowledge to ensure you’re not missing out on anything NJ has to offer and that you’re safe and truly enjoying your trip!

If visitors prefer to do some sightseeing before their cruise, the location of the NJ port is perfect to do so. Manhattan, Hoboken, and of course New York City are easily accessible from the New Jersey port. Compared to other ports in the country, the New Jersey port provides the best forms of public transportation.

Whether one lives near New Jersey or flies in from somewhere else, transportation is taken care of. The New Jersey port has 3 airports nearby for travelers to choose from, permitting flexibility for sightseeing and budgets. 

Most other ports require visitors to hire a taxi or Uber to the cruise port. There’s no need to hire a taxi or uber since the Light Rail System can take you directly to the cruise terminal. Bussing and shuttle services are also available that may even cost less than the Light Rail System. 

Great Restaurants 

New York City is known for its stellar and diverse cuisine. However, if travelers do not wish to venture out into the city and prefer to stay at the New Jersey cruise port, they will not be disappointed. There are several restaurants near the cruise terminal that offer delicious foods for reasonable prices. 

Best of all, the dining options are diverse. Some of the best-rated restaurants include Buon Appetito, an authentic Italian restaurant combined with a small Italian convenient store and deli. 

Another highly rated restaurant next door to Buon Appetito is called Taboosh, a Lebanese restaurant. The restaurant markets its food as authentic Mediterranean. The menu features hummus, falafel, and sweets like baklava. 

Best Destinations 

Bonus views, delicious food, and convenient transportation are a plus, but the most exciting part of any trip is the destination. Passengers that sail out of the New Jersey cruise part have so many cruise options that will take them around the world. 

Among the most popular New Jersey cruise port destinations are Bermuda and the Caribbean cruises. Both Bermuda and the Caribbean offer beautiful beaches and blue waters. The Caribbean’s climate features tropical weather, making the islands a huge tourist and cruise destination year-round. 

A slightly colder and more unique cruise option available through the port is a Greeland and Iceland cruise. A cruise to Greenland and Iceland is the antithesis of a tropical climate, and travelers will find themselves exploring the Arctic Circle. 

The Arctic Circle may not seem ideal for a cruise, but the history, glaciers, and amazing wildlife make this spot ideal for all nature lovers. While stopping at ports in Greenland & Iceland, passengers will have the opportunity to explore the wilderness.

Take advantage of the New Jersey cruise port’s diverse travel destinations, tasty cuisine, beautiful views, and convenient location! 

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