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Benefits of Considering Air Ambulance Service Over Regular Airlines for Patient Transport Within the US

Air ambulance service is a fast and flexible transportation option that’s become increasingly popular over the last decade. With more patients requiring medical care than ever, air ambulances are now used to transport patients needing specialized care or critical, time-sensitive treatment. If you find yourself in an emergency far from home, air ambulances can get help fast.

With time, using air ambulances is becoming a practice, and therefore the industry is growing bigger each day. According to reports, the market share of the air ambulance business worldwide was more than $4.5 billion.

No Time Restrictions

One of the key benefits of using an air ambulance service is that you don’t have to worry about time restrictions. Because there are no commercial flights available during the night hours, and if you need to get somewhere quickly, there’s no way to take a commercial flight. Patients can get the services of an air ambulance if they need medical care at night or outside of normal operating hours. Air ambulance transportation services will accommodate them and fly them where they need to go without any problems. For example, a patient can board an air ambulance to New York from California for specialized consultancy if he feels uneasy after open heart surgery. It can make it far easier for doctors or other medical professionals who need access to specialized equipment quickly to save lives or provide treatment as soon as possible after an injury.

Trained Crew

The best thing about air ambulances is that a medical crew staffs them. The flight crew comprises a pilot and co-pilot, whereas the ground staff includes paramedics and other professionals who specialize in emergency care. These professionals are trained to handle any emergency during patient transport. At the same time, you should call your doctor if you have any questions or concerns before arranging for an air ambulance service. It’s always good to know you’re in good hands while traveling with an air ambulance company.

Operational Everywhere

One of the biggest benefits of using an air ambulance is that you can fly anywhere in the United States. Air ambulances can land at any local airport, so they’re not limited to just large cities. In addition, it makes them ideal for transporting patients from small towns or rural areas where flights are more difficult to book.

An air ambulance does not only mean traveling on a plane. It also includes helicopters. It makes this service even more prompt and flexible. With a helicopter, the patient can be picked up from a nearby helipad and dropped to an elevated helipad at the hospital. A rooftop helipad is a facility most hospitals have nowadays in metros.

Air ambulances can fly in all weather conditions. They don’t have to wait for clear skies and calm winds before taking off. Therefore, it can be very beneficial for emergencies where time is of the essence.

Medical Equipment

One of the more essential factors to consider when planning a medical flight is the state of the medical equipment in the air ambulance. Unlike conventional airlines, air ambulances must have the most up-to-date and highest-quality medical equipment on board. It includes everything from defibrillators, ventilators, and infusion pumps to portable X-ray machines and ultrasound scanners.

This equipment is always well maintained by trained medical professionals familiar with its proper use and upkeep. As a result, it ensures that your loved one will receive top-tier treatment while they’re being transported to their final destination.

Weather-Independent Flights

Weather-dependent flights are a common concern for patients who worry about delays in air ambulance service. Unfortunately, the weather is one of the top reasons for flight cancellations and delays, with over 100,000 flights being canceled in the US alone during one year.

Air ambulance services are available in all weather conditions and are not affected by inclement weather like commercial airlines. Therefore, it makes them an ideal option for those who need urgent medical care but cannot afford to be stuck at their destination hospital for days waiting for an available flight.

Air ambulances also land on helipads rather than runways. It means less exposure during take-off or landing, which gives patients and their families peace of mind that they’ll arrive safely at their destination hospital.

Air Ambulance Service Can Help You Feel Safe During Emergencies

When it comes to patient transport, air ambulances are the fastest way to get you where you need to be in a hurry. They can take off immediately and arrive at your destination within minutes, as opposed to the hours it would take for a commercial airline.

Air ambulances can also fly in bad weather conditions that affect regular airlines. It makes them perfect for transporting patients who need immediate medical attention or emergency surgery.

However, because of their faster speeds and higher risks involved with flight, air ambulance service is more expensive than traveling by plane. Therefore, you must research all available resources before deciding how to travel with a patient who needs emergency care.

With all of the benefits of air ambulance service, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing it over traditional airline travel. Air ambulances provide faster speeds, more flexibility, and more peace of mind for patients in need. So if you or someone you know has recently been injured in an accident that requires rapid transport to a hospital, consider using air ambulance services.

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