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Top Reasons to Stay in a Bed and Breakfast When Going Away

Whenever you are on vacation, you might ask yourself where you are going to stay. Sure, you can crash with a friend or relative in the area, but if you have the chance to go to bed and breakfast, then you can have a really good time even when you are resting from your vacation! But before we delve into the benefits of a bed and breakfast, what exactly are they, and what makes them different from hotels?

What Is A Bed and Breakfast?

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is a place that offers you both a bed and a breakfast when you stay, and it is typically run out of a private family home or another small area, meaning that you can often get a place to rest your head and fill your body in a warm and nice environment. Sometimes you just need that, especially if you are inside a smaller and cozier area for your holiday.

Why Stay In A B&B?

A bed and breakfast is a great way to meet new people! Often, the owners of a bed and breakfast are people who live in the area you are visiting and they can often give you some local knowledge that the larger hotel chains just can’t. Plus, because most bed and breakfast chains are about the size of a large house, you will be forced to interact with the other guests, which is perfect if you decide that you want to talk with new travelers and people who might be here for the same reason you are.

There’s nothing like a little conversation between travelers and others who are sharing the road, and that can make the B&B great for the people who want to get to know others as well as the town they are staying in!

You Get Time Off The Beaten Path

Even if you have the best hotel in the world, you might find that your hotel is a bit too loud and crowded for your needs. There’s traffic, people walking all around, and the massive sounds of the city as you try to close the curtains and get some sleep. However, a bed and breakfast is often someplace where you can drive off the beaten path and see some peace and quiet whenever you need to rest.

Additionally, with fewer people coming and going into the bed and breakfast (and more specifically your bedroom), as well as the innkeeper wanting to make sure everything is secure, you will be able to have more peace of mind whenever it comes to the safety of your belongings!

You Can Get Extra Activities That Aren’t On Any Website

Some of the bigger bed and breakfast spots offer some activities that you can experience during your stay, but all of them try to keep their ear to the ground on all of the local activities that you can experience while at their location. They will keep you appraised of all of the local events that are happening in town, and most of these might not be on websites or in guidebooks.

You might be able to stop by and find some unique experiences that you will never forget, and never would have found otherwise!

Personal Service And Unexpected Luxuries

Finally, since local bed and breakfast operations are typically very small, the innkeeper and their staff are going to be extra attentive to all of their customers. You will have your name known, and will likely get some personal service as the staff takes care of you. Plus, with so few customers, you might find that you are pampered as well by the staff, which can be a different experience than a hotel. 

Most B&Bs pride themselves on having extra special touches that you wouldn’t be able to find at a regular hotel, so depending on where you are, you might get a different personal touch with every B&B you visit!

B&B’s Add Another Layer To Your Trip

If you are going on a trip and want to make it special, why not make every part of it special? Sure the sights and the sounds and the activities are going to be awesome, but why not cap it all off with a unique place to lay your head? Find a well-reviewed B&B and you will find an amazing place to stay for your holiday, and no vacationer wouldn’t say no to that!

One thought on “Top Reasons to Stay in a Bed and Breakfast When Going Away”

  1. It’s nice that you talked about how staying at a bed and breakfast would keep you appraised of all the local events that are happening in town, and most of them might not be on the websites or in guidebooks. I am planning to go on a trip next week and I am trying to look for a good accommodation for it. I am going to be alone for the whole trip, so I think staying at a bed and breakfast would be perfect.

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