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Benefits of Getting Canadian National Pardon

Getting a pardon is mandatory if somebody holds criminal records previously in Canada. However, it is a long process because the pardon is issued by the Canadian government. Many people get caught every year owing to the criminal activities that they have done. The intensity of the crimes in some of the cases is so severe that the person is denied entry for the rest of his/her life. Although, in most of the cases, a national pardon can save the day by shrugging off the old records.What Canadian National Pardon is, when to ask for it and the benefits of getting one.Here, you will learn all about Canadian National Pardon.

Canadian National Pardon

When to apply for a national pardon?

Any person who has previously been to Canada and was convicted of a criminal offense should apply for a national pardon. There is no specified time for applying for the pardon. However, people who have been sentenced for like 5 or 10 years must wait for the tenure to end. Only then can they apply for a pardon.

What are the benefits of applying for a pardon?

When a person is convicted of something in the country, then that black mark doesn’t go away easily from the person’s document. That issue affects many things of that person’s life then which are inclusive of possible employment opportunities, renting of flats, applying for loans, registering in a university, etc.

Benefits of getting a national pardon:


  1. More employment opportunities

When it comes to the recruitment world, a background check is something that is done mandatorily. If a person has a criminal record history, then that will hurt the possible chance of being employed. A national pardon can shrug off that black mark and increase possible employment opportunities of that person. This means that when somebody sends their resume to the company without a criminal record, the chances of getting hired will certainly increase.

  1. More universities will offer admission

Most private firms conduct background checks on the students who aim to get admission in a particular university. If the course that is being taken requires on-the-job training, then a criminal record will only add fuel to the fire. Thus, getting admission in top-notch universities are going to be very tough for such a person. However, if one gets a national pardon, then education opportunities will be more.

  1. Renting a flat will become easy

Most people with a criminal offense are very often denied loans, cannot apply for a mortgage and even rent a flat. This is quite devastating. To rent a flat, it is important to have a clean chit. With a national pardon in hand, a person will be able to easily rent a flat anywhere they want. Renting is a private activity which is recorded, and many people often don’t consider background checks. However, with an increase in criminal activities, background checks have become very common.

  1. Acquiring citizenship

This is perhaps the most important point to note here. If anyone wants to apply for Canadian citizenship, then having a criminal record will not let that happen. However, this process is going to take time. Applying for a national pardon is a must if one wants to avail this benefit. Getting citizenship is anyways a tough thing, and it takes years to get it.


Lastly, there are many other benefits which can be discussed here. The ones that have been explained earlier are the mainstream pros of getting a national pardon. Canada is a cosmopolitan country which beliefs in social equality; therefore, there is room for everyone.

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