Belizean Cove Estates – The Perfect Vacation Rental in Belize

belize ambergris caye luxury vacation rental

When traveling rarely do you have the right combination of Perfection. So when you get it, you want to hold on to it forever. That is just what I found in Ambergris Caye while looking for a vacation rental in Belize.

Vacation Rental in Belize

What makes a perfect Vacation Rental in Belize?

  • Views of perfect Sunsets
  • Personal Greetings and welcomes
  • Impeccable Service
  • Luxury Vacation Rental with Everything at your Fingertips
  • Happy Kids always equals happy Parents

Throw these demands into a pot and mix them together, and what do you get?

Belizean Cove Estates

Vacation Rental in Belize

We arrived to Belizean Coves via boat which arrives to San Pedro, the main town on the largest Caye of Belize. There we had a private boat waiting for us to take us to the hotel, since it’s three miles north.

sunset in a beach of belize

We were greeted with a big welcome and escorted to our two bedroom luxury condo, one out of the eight that are on the property.

hotels on ambergris caye

Our condo was on the second floor which gives us a better view from our two private porches.

view from private porch ambergris caye in belize

Inside was way beyond any of my expectations. The granite counter tops and fully equipped kitchen had everything you need to throw parties for 30 people at a time. Including a separate section for wines with a separate refrigerator.

belize ambergris caye luxury vacation rental

The dining room could easily entertain that party with room to spare.

belize ambergris caye luxury vacation rental

The Living room was spacious with windows on the three windows overlooking the Caribbean sea.

belize ambergris caye luxury vacation rental

The master bedroom had a king size bed with a feather bed, and a super soft and cuddly blanket and the best pillows I’ve ever laid my head on.

belize ambergris caye luxury vacation rental bedrom

And the bathroom was all marble with a fantastic shower.

bathroom in a luxury rental in belize

My favorite spot to hang out during the day and at night was the property long pool that had different sections for all ages – perfect for my seven year old to go nuts and for my one year old to play safely.

luxury condo ambergris caye beach front and pool

My oldest son has way too much energy and a low concentration span, so to stimulate him my husband and him took out the complimentary kayaks and explored the sea.

belize kayak

If you can believe it, this still didn’t quench his need for exploring so, with a lot of difficulty, my family tore me away from this PARADISE and we took out the bikes that are also available to the guests. Since we have a baby, they searched the island for us for a bike baby seat and within 15 minutes of asking our bikes were ready for action.

adventure tour ambergris caye in belize

Staying with Belizean Cove was without a doubt the highlight of our entire Belize trip. The Staff were attentive, the general manager was a great guy that I would have liked to get to know better, and most importantly we had a blast!

Oh, and this is what we watched every night from our porch or cozy seats around the pool area:

amazing sky sunset in belize

Thanks everyone from Belizean Cove Estates for making our stay beyond all that we expected and much more!

Photo credit to my brother Greg Kuperman! Thanks for the great pictures.

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

9 thoughts on “Belizean Cove Estates – The Perfect Vacation Rental in Belize

  1. Totally I agree with you Belize is the most beautiful place to stay because it has nice tourist place and well decorated hotels. Really I want to visit Belize. Also I like your post very much because I know about wonderful Belize. Thanks a lot for your nice sharing.

  2. You know what I love the Belizean Cove Estates. With its goo service, you really had a good time staying there!

  3. The long pool got my attention. With its seven different pools, I know all different ages will surely fun swimming in Belizean Cove Estates. One of the best spots I have ever seen that everyone has to try.

  4. Belizean Cove Estates is perfect for families and friends bonding time. I am suggesting to my boss to have the team building or company outing here in Belizean.

    1. Hey Mike,

      It’s a super place to stay. One thing about Belizean Cove is that it’s 8 condos. They also have resorts, this is by far the most luxurious. For a small group it would be perfect.

  5. Belizean Cove Estates really look perfect for family vacation this early year of 2013. I love the pool and the resort itself.

  6. I love the Belizean Cove Estates! It looks so perfect and romantic. I’ll recommend this place to my husband for our 2nd year wedding anniversary.

    1. Hi Jane,

      It really is amazing. Probably the nicest hotel we ever stayed in – anywhere

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