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Belize Food – Best Served at Street Food Stands

Belize, as of right now, is probably our favorite country. The beautiful weather, beaches, and people make it a place where I would consider moving to. However, the most fun we had was eating Local Belize Food at the tons of food stands that are as varied in food as they are in character.

We Found 4 Options to get Belize food at Street stands:

Belize Food
Caye Caulker Food Stand

Yes this is a Food stand and was a great spot for a quick morning coffee while looking for a place to get some breakfast.

fresh coffee stand
Fresh Hot Coffee – Home Made

Lunch was served by a local cooking up freshly caught conch (not my thing), lobster and shrimp kebabs.

local seafood - belize
Fresh lobster and shrimp Kebabs!

Searching for dinner in Belize was a bit more fun. We had a choice between a roasted pig – definitely not for us.

roasted pig food stand belize
Roasted Pig anyone?

Or delicious catches of the day – definitely the winner!

fresh seafood dinner belize
What’s the catch of the day?


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