Rock Climbing and Climbing Hostel Birthday Fun

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son)

Climbing just got that much more fun in Guatemala!

Belay Partners Hostal is a new hostel located right beside the best climbing rock in Amatitlan, Guatemala.

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Usually, when I want to go climbing in the rock it is very difficult because afternoon (12 pm) the sun starts really burning up the rock. It takes about an hour to go to the rock from where I live, and sometimes it’s hard to wake up early to go there then hike up, and it’s not very much climbing time.

Belay Partners Hostal Review

The hostel is literally right in front of the rock.

kids taking look of amatitlan rock outsite of the Belay Partners Hostal

The hostel is great and the owners Carlos and Juliana are really fun people, and they are also lifelong climbers. There is a camping area, so you can bring a tent to camp there. In a few months, they will have a climbing wall there, so you can keep climbing after the sun comes out or if it is raining.

two beds room at Belay Partners Hostal

Food at Belay Partners Hostal

The food is super tasty. For breakfast, they have food like beans, eggs, and plantain. For lunch and dinner, there are hot dogs with very interesting toppings and falafels and other things like brownies. Juliana is from Venezuela, and the food is called Malandro. 

Climbing the Amatitla Rock

The rock in Amatitlan is very crimpy almost all the holds are crimps or very bad slopers and some few pockets, but mostly crimps.

To climb well in Amatitlan you need a lot of technique because it is harder to hang on crimps than on good holds so cutting your feet from the rock isn’t very good, but common. So if you are ever planning to go to Amatitlan keep in mind that you need a lot of finger strength.

kid doing rock climbing at amatitlan guatemala

They also have fingerboards and other fun ways to keep climbing even after you’ve finished.

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Rock Climbing, Climbing Hostel Review and Birthday Fun

Last Updated on February 7, 2022

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