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The Most Beautiful Properties Corfu Has to Offer

Corfu is not just about clean beaches, pristine villages, and archaeological sites. The island also offers some beautiful properties, most of which provide aesthetics and virtue for the landscape. These properties are worth living in and exploring because of their relevance to the island.Four Beautiful Properties Corfu has to offer for travelers.This is a short-list with the names and info of Beautiful Properties Corfu.

Beautiful Properties Corfu

4 Beautiful Properties Corfu Has to Offer

Palace of St. Michael and St. George

This neoclassical design by Colonel George Whitmore was built between 1819 and 1824. It can be found in Corfu city and formerly served as the residence of the British High Commissioner to the Ionian Islands. Around the palace are Venetian stone aquariums, exotic trees and flowers, statues, and ponds. Within the palace’s interior is the meeting room of the Ionian Senate and art gallery with its exhibitions.

Barbati View

One of the most exotic properties in Corfu, Barbati View, is the essential destination for people who’re visiting the island for pleasure. The building, which serves as a hotel for guests, boasts of impressive features, especially the view of Mount Pantokrator, the highest point in Corfu. Their infinity pool is also the best on the island, while the exterior design is something of pure elegance, welcoming you into a paradise of luxury. The five-bedroom villa comes with fitted kitchen, terrace, and furnishing, designed for enjoyment for couples, honeymooners, and families with kids. From here, you can take a five-minute walk along the beach to reach Barbati Village and offer quality cafes, restaurants, and more. Guest staying in the villa has private access to the beach, which is only 100m away.

Achilleion Palace 

The Achilleion of Corfu is a magnificent palace built in 1891 for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria. She had the palace constructed after the loss of her only son, to serve as a place of refuge. It is an exotic palace that expresses beauty from the exterior, with the white color and columns, based on the work of Italian architect Raffaele Caritto. In the garden is the Dying Achilles statue, and another one standing with a spear, helmet, and shield. There are even more statues in the terrace, which is surrounded by tall palm trees, making the palace even more charming. Inside the palace is the main entrance staircase, with its essential pillars. There is also the chapel, and a ceiling painting by Vincenzo Galloppi, which can is at the main entrance.

Villa Viros

Here is another top quality private property where you can stay an entire day, and you won’t know when the time has gone. The villa is ten minutes’ drive from Corfu Town, and it offers the very best of luxury and relaxation, both for sleeping and outdoor activities. Guests can stay in a private terrace to enjoy the scene while they drink quality local wine. If you want some sun, you can stay in the exterior with the dining area and enjoy their infinity pool experience. Its location on the hilltop is what makes it ideal for a vacation of style, comfort, and luxury. Villa Viros is suitable for kids, has hot tubs, all bedrooms en-suite, and ideal for parties.

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