Beautiful Destinations Around The World With Rehab Centers

Recovery from substance abuse is one of the most fragile states a person can find themselves in. More often than not, the environment plays a monumental role in how someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. Sometimes the best course of action, when a person is ready to get help, is to have a change in scenery. Here are a few places around the globe where you can rest and recover in peace and in a place designed for rejuvenation.Six of the top Destinations Around The World With Rehab Centers that you can travel to if yo are looking to rest and get healthy.

Destinations Around The World With Rehab Centers

6 Destinations Around The World With Rehab Centers


The tiny island of Bali is a patch of paradise in the archipelago of Indonesia. It’s also Indonesia’s most visited tourist spot. The island might be small in size, but it’s options for relaxation are plenty with clear water beaches, evergreen jungles, rice paddy fields, and more. Facilities like Bali Beginnings can provide you with therapy and memorable experiences that will extend beyond your stay that you can carry home. Many people go to Bali when they’re searching for a place that will bring them a sense of oneness with nature and the world. Why not make it the place you go to find yours?

South Africa

For the more adventure-seeking individuals, South Africa is the place to go. Home to the Big 5, Kruger’s National Park is an area where you can find luxurious rehab medical care along with your next (clean) thrill. Venture out into the safaris of South Africa while you meditate on turning over a new leaf. The facilities here not only offer gorgeous settings, but they are also known to provide quite a bit for what you pay.


Substance abuse rehabilitation can be very expensive. However, there are low-cost programs that offer highly skilled professional and helpful strategies for recovering addicts. Thailand is one of the top-ranking countries where addicts seek refuge. This is largely due to the fact that they offer high-end, luxury facilities on crystal water shores for roughly half the price of such facilities in other countries. Thailand is an incredibly visually pleasing place and a popular tourist destination for many. Traveling to this utopia in Southeast Asia will surely instill an appreciation for the world’s beauty during your healing process.


One of the hardest parts of the rehabilitation process is finding a treatment style that works for you. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both group and individual therapy. Knowing what each offers and how they can treat any illnesses or disorders relating to your substance abuse are extremely helpful.

Most facilities will offer some type of group therapy, but not all facilities offer individualized therapy that meets the unique needs of their patients. Switzerland is commonly known for its drug laws that focus on treating addicts instead of locking them up. They’re also famous for their evidence-based rehabilitation programs that are designed to heal the individual from within, allowing a more sustainable lifestyle to take root.

United States

The United States offers a vast selection of rehab choices. Because of the country’s size, you can find a center located in a place with a climate and geographical makeup that fits your preferences. Are you interested in a beachfront facility? Check out some places in California, Florida, or Hawaii, as some of the world’s most beautiful beaches can be found here. Looking for some countryside away from the noise of the city? There are fields of white cotton and red clay in Georgia and rolling green hills all the way to Tennessee.

No matter what setting you’re searching for, no matter what type of individual needs you might have, there will be something that meets you where you are in America. With centers that specialize in various forms of trauma, mental and emotional disorders, or adolescent care, there will definitely be a place in the States for you to begin the journey to recovery.


A country that suffered immensely in the 1990s from drug addiction to heroin and cocaine, Portugal was subject to one of the greatest drug and police reforms the world has ever seen. There were countless changes in the law aimed to rehabilitate drug abusers rather than portraying them as criminals in the media and incarcerating them. Because of this tribulation, the country faced as a whole, they developed some of the best medical treatment for recovering addicts in the world. You can rest assured knowing that you will make peace with yourself and anything else while taking in all the beauty this country has to offer with its stunning beaches and landscapes.

Asking for help and actually putting in the work to get well can come with a lot of guilt and exhaustion. Choosing rehab, choosing life is a beautiful choice when there are so many other routes you could take. Enjoy the ride. Go beyond your front door to rediscover yourself.

Last Updated on September 8, 2023

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