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Beach Towel For Kids – Hidden Secrets Abound

My kids fight over beach towels in our house. I know, our fights aren’t very interesting, but they do warrant attention since it drives me absolutely bonkers! My three year old can’t understand the absurdity of the bickering and my oldest can be stubborn as a mule, I decided to get a beach towel for kids (I also have a great review for a beach towel by one step ahead that comes with a bag, read it here) that was for under the age of five.  They do exist – if you can believe it.

So when our Beach Express Ultimate Beach Towel For Kids arrived, I showed my oldest son that this towel was definitely not for him and my baby can fully enjoy it all for himself.

beach towels for kids

Features of Our New Beach Towel For Kids:

The Super Fun Train Print – for us adults it’s not so important. For kids it’s EVERYTHING. All my baby talks about is his train towel.

kids beach towels

Size is right – it’s just right for his tiny little frame to feel like a huge beach towel

Texture – it’s really soft to the touch.

Hidden Pockets – this feature was totally new to me. I’ve never even thought of this nifty idea. It’s great to put sunscreen in and stuff he finds on the beach. Or a good hiding place for the parent’s keys!

childrens beach towels

My Take On It

I think this is simply the bees knees. My tiny guy has a fun towel all of his own. And the pockets really help in keeping things organized.

Where to Buy it

I found Towel Mate’s website to be super easy to use. However, they have different retailers selling them all over the US as well. Find their store locators here.

Beach Towel For Kids – Towel Mate Review

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