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7 Beach Games to Play with Your Kids

A vacation on some of the most beautiful beaches is a nice way to relax and catch up on some reading. However, if you have children, especially teenagers, they are probably not going to be content lying around all day. To occupy them and let them burn off energy, try these beach games. Seven things to do on the beach with kids during a beach trip. Take a look at my top Family Travel Tips & Advice during Summer Family Travel.

Summer Family Travel

Beach Games for Families

Beach Golf

Also known as Frisbee golf, you can easily make a game by using a Frisbee and trying to hit some targets set out on the beach. Place water bottles, towels, or buckets in the sand as targets to try to throw the Frisbee and hit them.

Assign a number to the targets and keep score to find out who wins.

Seashell Sorting

Most kids and many adults too like to look for seashells when they’re at the beach. Make a game of it by having your children seek seashells and bring them back to home base to sort them.

Draw a tic tac toe square in the sand and place different shells in each square before identifying them.

Scavenger Hunt

An activity that could keep your children busy for hours is a beach scavenger hunt. Give each one a list of things to find along with a plastic bucket. You can print a list or draw pictures of the items to find. Include items like seashells, feathers, sea glass, blue things, or round things.

Beach Volleyball

Both adults and kids love to play this sport, so take a set to the beach with you. You will find the sets, as well as all things beach related, at BeachRated. Break out into teams like girls against boys or have the kids invite others their age to play with them.

Dodge ball

A beach version of dodge ball can incite giggles if you use a beach ball instead of a harder rubber ball. The beach ball also makes it more challenging because of its lighter weight.

The kids can challenge the adults or break up into the girls against boys to try to get each other out by hitting others with the ball.

Beach Soccer

If your kids love playing soccer, they can do so on the beach. Instead of bringing a soccer ball, have them use a beach ball. The beach ball’s light weight will make the game more challenging and fun.

Advise them to play away from the others on the beach, so they are not annoying anyone.

Makeup Stories

When your kids need a break from the sun, or if you have small children, break out the water and snacks and makeup stories about the characters on their beach towels. Of course, you’ll need to bring towels with cartoon or other characters on them so that they can create their stories.

You can entertain your children in several ways when you visit the beach for the day or go on a beach vacation. While older kids may want to learn how to boogie board or surf, keep the younger ones close by teaching them how to play these seven games.

Along with occupying your little ones, you will wear them out, so they will go to sleep early and give you and your partner some alone time.

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