13th Birthday Beach and Pool Party: Best Way to Celebrate It

Beach Birthday Party - What Other Way to Celebrate Turning 13

My oldest son is turning 13!

We are diving right into our teenage years. And the only way I know how to welcome it with open arms is:

How Did I Plan My 13th son’s birthday pool and Beach Party

Beach Birthday Party - celebrating my son's 13th birthday

Each year my son and his buddy, who is actually turning 13 next year, share a party together.

1. Rent a Beach House

To make his teenage entry year even more memorable and powerful, we decided on renting a beach house near Monterico, Guatemala.

pool party at the beach house - guatemala beaches

2. Invite Some Friends

Between our two families, we invited my son’s whole class and a few other kids. Needless to say, it was a crazy, kid-filled party.

camping birthday party at the beach - guatemala

The house has a huge veranda upstairs where the kids were camping for the night.

13th birthday party celebration for my son

Feeding hour was always fun.

teenage pool party at the beach - guatemala beaches

So was watching them in the pool.

beach birthday party - monterico beach guatemala

3. Make Sure They are Safe

However, Guatemala Beaches aren’t exactly people or swimming-friendly, so by far the toughest challenge of all was keeping ten teenagers out of the ocean.

Somehow we managed to do it safely.

monterico beach, guatemala - beach house

And youtubers in the making always find a way to do some tricks.

tricks and flips at the beach, beach house in guatemala, beach birthday party

And filming.

camping beach birthday party, smores and marshmallows

4. Prepare for the Nightime

Night time was interesting. The camp fire is always a big hit.

camping birthday beach party for kids

However, the camping part not so much. At least for my sons.

Even though my oldest was the one who wanted the camping b-day style. He and my youngest son ended up sleeping in the room with us.

I won’t lie, I loved it!

The other kids barely slept in the tents, but because they chose to do so.

celebrating my son's 13th birthday party at the beach house


Overall, this was a huge success. As in, everyone made it home safely and in one piece.

And the memories will last a lifetime.

So grateful to be able to organize awesome birthday bashes for my sons.

turning 13, big year, big party, teenage years

Let the teenage years begin!

Last Updated on February 24, 2023

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