Review of the Base Camp Hoodie Base Layer by Woolx

I love being outdoors, trekking and mountaineering. Nature gives me peace and having a good set of friends to do it with makes it all better. Luckily I have endless options in my country.  There is always something new and fun to do in the middle of nature. This time we were going to spend a day going up and down a waterfall in Guatemala called Catarata Concepcion. It is located in the Santa Rosa Department.

Base Camp Hoodie Base Layer by Woolx

The rainy season is just getting started in the country and I had never been to this part of the country so I wasn’t sure about what to expect weather wise. I wanted to wear something that would keep me fresh if the temperature was high and it would give me some protection if it was low. So, I decided to wear my Base Camp Hoodie Base Layer by Woolx to this rappelling adventure.

Before we got to the waterfall we stopped at as small lagoon with a milky mint color. It is located in the middle of a semi active volcanic area called Tecuamburro. The sulfur gave it that color. At that point it was already 10 am. and we were experiencing an extremely hot weather.

ixpaco lagoon

This is advertised as a thermal base layer. So at first I didn’t want to leave our bus with A/C. But I was pleasantly surprised when I finally left my seat and started exploring. I didn’t feel like I was being cooked inside of that hoodie.

Then we moved on to the main event! The waterfall is 35 meters high. Not too high, but high enough to offer some exciting rappelling. Plus, you can only use your feet as support about a third of the way, the rest is a free fall.

concepcion waterfall guatemala

This would be our first time rappelling so before we started we got a quick class of how to do it from the guides. I must confess that I was terrified but ended up doing it and it was amazing! Each of us ended up going back up to the top of the waterfall several times.

To get back up to the top or to the area where we set up the cooking area you had to swim across the small pool under the waterfall. So we all got soaked!

basecamp hoodie

At first I was worried about getting cold for having wet clothes on me, especially after lunch when climate started to change. It went from hot and sunny to cloudy and windy. But I am happy to report that this hoodie was dry within one hour and I never felt cold. I was warm wearing only this base layer even when the rest of the group started putting on their sweaters.

What the Base Camp Hoodie Base Layer offers:

  • 100% Australian merino wool – 160g/m² — 17.5 Micron
  • Weight of size medium 6.40 ounces
  • Superior wicking to keep dry & cool
  • All season 1/2 zip hoodie
  • Wear alone or as a baselayer
  • Contrast auto lock 10″ zipper
  • Paneled “perfect fit” hoodie
  • Contours around the face and won’t pull away
  • Welted zip guards
  • Cross over bound thumbholes
  • Side and sleeve gussets for superior fit
  • Flatlock nonchaffe seams
  • Embroidered logo for the ultimate classy look
  • Washer and dryer safe – no shrinkage

Conclusion: I am glad I wore the Base Camp Hoodie on this trip. It never made me feel to hot, dried fast and kept me warm. I will definitely keep using it for upcoming adventures.

Also, I tend to have trouble with sizing. Being a petite person it is hard to find something that fits well. But the extra small was true to what is advertised on the website.

Last Updated on August 19, 2023

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  1. Good review. I am all about TRUE sweat wicking material and quick dry. Sounds like this one is a winner.

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