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A Barcelona Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain. This city is the capital of Cataluña and has a long, interesting history. A lot of travelers seem to be attracted to it because it offers the perfect combination between gorgeous buildings, beaches, culture, gastronomy nightlife, and history. Check out this blog post to learn about my top three tips that will allow you to do some savings while traveling to Barcelona on vacation.

However, being a touristy place it often means that it is also quite expensive to go for a vacation. But, there are a couple of simple things that you can try to save some money while still enjoying the beauties of Barcelona.

Barcelona Vacation
Photo by: Elisa Dudnikova

3 Tips for Saving money on your Barcelona Vacation:

1. Hotels

Most of the hotels are high end and extremely luxurious but there are still a few hidden gems out there that provide comfy rooms for a lower price, so do a good and long research, they are out there somewhere.

There are also lots of people that offer apartments in Barcelona that you can rent for short periods of time. These are a great option if you prefer privacy. Also in some cases they can be cheaper than hotels, because they don’t need to pay to all of that staff.

2. Things to do

Because of all its cultural richness, Barcelona offers tons of attractions and places to visit. it even has lots of places and things to do for free like: Be dazzled by Park Güell, Saunter up La Rambla, Admire Modernisme architecture, Browse the Mercat de la Boqueria, Bask on a beach. If you do these along with a few of the ones you have to pay for you will never get bored and it won’t be as expensive.

3. Restaurants

The city of Barcelona is known for its exceptional Mediterranean style food, in it you will find tons of gourmet and amazing restaurants offering food from all over the world. However for a much cheaper option you can try the true, traditional food of the region by visiting the small eateries run by families.

Take these three tips into consideration when you plan your trip to Barcelona. They might help you save some money.

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