Ban Gioc Waterfall: Vietnam Most Beautiful Waterfall

Vietnam is one of those places in Southeast Asia that is known for beautiful waterfalls. Cao Bang is a province in Vietnam where you can find cliffs, rocks, and waterfalls. You will find Ban Gioc Waterfall here.

It is famous for its fascinating appearance. It is located at the border between the two countries Vietnam and China. Here are the best things to do in Ban Gioc Waterfall and around. It is no doubt an inspiration for those who love to travel to explore the natural beauty. You can see the immense and vigorous power of water when it falls from the height of thirty meters. It feels like nothing can stand the force of this mighty water. 

Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang Vietnam from af ar

Things to Do in Ban Gioc Waterfall and Around

It is not just the waterfall that will catch your attention. It is the whole ambiance that is appealing. You will find many other things around the waterfall that make it a wonderful location for visitors.

If you are a foreigner and you have spent a lot to explore, then only visiting the waterfall will not be satisfying. You can take full advantage of your tour by visiting other famous and beautiful locations near this waterfall.  

The Stunning Ban Gioc Temple

You can find an impressive view of the waterfall from here. It is a symbolism of the cultural beauty found back in the eleventh century in Cao Bang. It was a huge project that still maintains its beauty.

It reminds the Vietnam architectural style. The use of traditional brick, tile material, and old-style blade roofs is the remembrance of that era. This place is peaceful and you will feel inner joy.

The Amazing Nguom Ngao Cave

This spectacular cave is one of the attractions of Vietnam. It is a river-formed masterpiece. You will see the magic of nature by entering this cave. Some stone formations in this cave look like trees, mythical animals and even humans.

The seven-colored mineral formations are worth seeing. Local people discovered this place in 1921. But visitors were not allowed here till 2006. 

The Exotic Nui Thung Mountain

This beautiful mountain has a hole in the middle and is also known as Angel Eye Mountain. This area is rich in natural beauty. It is highly appraised by young tourists who come here to enjoy and make pictorial memories. 

The Huge Thang Hen Lake

It is a diamond shape lake and is a part of 36 different sized lakes. It is the largest lake which is 2 km long and 500 meters wide. It is in Tra Linh district. Its blue color throughout the year signifies its pure and clean beauty. It is surrounded by mountains and presents an impressive view. 

Cao Bang province is rich in the beautiful scenery. There is a lot to explore and experience here. It has five major river systems, lakes, and waterfalls. You can see the exquisiteness of water in different colors and forms.

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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