Bali Weight Loss Retreat in Ubud

Health and wellness travel has experienced a boom in recent years with more and more people from all four corners of the globe traveling to exotic locations to detox, lose weight and become fit and healthy. Bali weight loss retreat in Ubud that you can find in Ubud, Bali. Take a look at this blog post to learn about the weight loss retreat.

Some of the top destinations for health tourism and wellness are amazing places like India, Mexico, Thailand, and of course, the much loved island of Bali. The new Bali Weight Loss Retreat is the latest arrival on the scene and is already fully booked for the first month, mostly because it’s being set up and run by infamous retreat leader, Sophie Jones.

Weight Loss Retreat in Bali

Bali Weight Loss Retreat in Ubud

Like most of these retreats and resorts, Sophie’s new retreat center is located in a beautiful setting with so many wonderful things to do and see, making your vacation more than just about weight loss. It’s a complete holiday with sightseeing, beautiful walks, Yoga, detoxification, fitness and delicious health foods and nutrition treats.

And of course, because it is a vacation designed for you to lose weight, expect to return home fitter, healthier, and far slimmer than when you set off. In fact, guests have been able to lose substantial amounts of weight in quite short periods of time by following the doctor-designed and run program provided at the retreat center.

What’s more the detoxification that is part of the weight loss program that you are on, completely cleans and renews your internal organs and especially your gut health. The detox is designed not only to help you lose weight, yet also to clear any blockages, mucous or other nastiness caught up in your body.

Included in the program are also a wide range of spa treatments from herbal saunas, to body wraps, hot stone massages and much more. Because while the program has been designed primarily for losing weight, it has also been designed to improve overall health, beautification and preventing excess skin after dropping the fat.

The Bali Weight Loss center is shaping up to be one of the most exciting to launch in this year of 2017. Look out for them launching in December!

To learn more about Bali Weight Loss and Sophie Jones, be sure to search for the retreat in Google and follow along on Twitter, Facebook and at her blog.

Last Updated on May 31, 2022

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