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Best Organic Hair Products for Traveling and Staying at Home

With thousands of companies out there offering so many similar products, it is really hard to find the one that fits you and your personality most. A while back I discovered Badger Balm and have been a fan ever since. This small family owned business specializes in 100% organic healing balms, lip balms, safe mineral sunscreens and other personal care products.

I first started using the Anti Bug Sunscreen – which was a great way to go for tropical areas where the mosquitos and sun are both relentless and having a two-in-one product is the way to go.

But now it was time for some more in-depth pampering. My hair has been in need of some serious love and care for a while now. And after tons of research, I decided to turn back to Badger. They have a whole line of hair products that are perfect for taking with you for traveling and also at home care.

I went a little nuts and got them all.

Badger Organic Hair treatments

My Top Choices for Organic Hair Products – Covering all Bases

Argan Oil – I don’t know about you, but this was probably the number one hair product for almost everything to do with bettering your hair that constantly came up for me. Argan Oil serves to moisturize and repair the hair and can be used as a leave in conditioner in the ends of your hair. I love that it moisturizes, repairs. But the leave-in conditioner was what I needed.

Jojoba Hair Oil – is used to hydrate, soothe and cleanse dry scalp. It helps balance the oil production of the scalp. Not that I have a dandruff problem but different environments make my scalp itch and dry sometimes. I love this before going to bed.

Sea-Buckthorn Hair Oil – Is a combination of vitamin and antioxidant rich oil extracts that fortify hair and prevent damage and can be used by people with all hair types. This is just for that extra nutrition that my hair craves so much.

The bottles are small enough to fit into any toiletry bag and are easy to use.

organic hair products

There is a reason I keep on coming back to this company. They are super reliable, the service is wonderful and the products are all natural, healthy for my body and easy to use.

3 thoughts on “Best Organic Hair Products for Traveling and Staying at Home

  1. Very informative article. I especially like the way in which you went into details to describe the ingredients of the products you were recommending. Knowing the ingredients that make up one’s hair care products is one of the ways to help in determining if they are right for you. The fragrance of the products also go a far way getting someone to like a product. Nothing is better than hair with natural organic scent.

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