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Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Backpacking for the First Time

Life today is easy and comfortable. You can spend your days cooped up in a room and still be in touch with your friends and relatives sitting seven seas away from you. However, even after all has been said and done, there is no match to the kind of calm nature can provide you.

Going out there and experiencing new things has its own charm. In fact, it is- without a doubt- the best therapy for the lingering mental health problems that everyone seems to be wrestling with today. So, here is an unsolicited piece of advice to go backpacking even if just for one day if you haven’t, and you if you already do it, do it more often.

Now, for those who will or are just starting out, I understand that new things can be a bit scary and confusing. But then again, a little preparation can dial down the fear factor to about 90 notches and dial up the crazy adrenaline rush to the same amount. Without any further ado, I present to you the top 4 mistakes to avoid that most beginner backpackers tend to make.

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Backpacking Tips

Common Backpacking Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not carrying enough food and/or water

While the human body can work perfectly fine without a few hours of gulping food or water, the equally true fact is that backpacking is an extremely demanding activity; both physically and mentally. The chances of you passing out halfway through the course are damn high for this seemingly small mistake.

Think of it just like exercising or running for that matter. Your body demands fuel to keep running or working. So, keep enough food or at least snacks in your bag, and never ever forget your water bottle. Without these simple yet overlooked things, your backpacking trip will just turn into an exhausting nightmare.

2. Not knowing the limit

While carrying enough nutrients to keep yourself energized is important, bringing too much on board, whether it is food or gear, is a big no. Why? Simply because it will just make you carry extra weight for no good, causing you to exhaust faster, further causing you to enjoy less. And, we do not want that. So, shake yourself up and be a little realistic about the stuff you need.

3. Carrying a poor quality backpack

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are backpacking across the most beautiful trails, and suddenly your backpack tears open, or you suddenly come across a small river or the weather change causes it to rain, and all your stuff gets wet. If you do not prepare yourself for such situations, you definitely will be a mess. So, know your backpacking needs, and choose a bag accordingly. Make sure that it is of proper size and sturdy quality. Straightforwardly, a fine, water-resistant backpack can be a life and your trip savior.

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4. Taking the weather lightly

Again, all the backpacking fun will vanish if you ignore the fact that weather is important. Hiking while soaking wet or in a storm would seem more like work or maybe punishment than fun. So, do a little research on your chosen place, see the best and the worst time for hiking there, and only then, set your steps out.

Other than this, always make sure to not litter the trail. It will make your journey back and other hikers’ trip easier.

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