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Backpackers Guide to Cambodia

Backpackers are always looking for the best travel experience that falls well within their budget. Every backpacking holiday is different, deepening on where one holidays or what the budget is. Cambodia is a popular destination for backpackers, and there are several good reasons behind it.

The country is adventurous and filled with beautiful landscapes. As it happens to be one of the cheapest countries in Asia, it is a big favorite among backpackers. One can easily get a bed for as low as $3!  Moreover, the unusual destination in Southeast Asia is rich in history. Every backpacking holiday is different, deepening on where one holidays or what the budget is. Take a look at this Cambodian backpackers guide.

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Backpackers Guide

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Typical costs in Cambodia

Typical costs in Cambodia on Ana average basis would stand around – $25 USD. There is no need to carry the local currency – Cambodian Riels as USD is used in the country. With 20 or 25 dollar’s, you can manage to stay in a hostel, cook your own meals or even eat cheap streets, and use local transportation. Costs can go a bit higher, depending on where you decide to stay or where you eat.

Food and lodging

One can easily get hostels for as low as $ 3-4 per night. Private rooms will cost about USD 5-10 per night. Most of these places offer free WiFi and free breakfast. Those willing to spend $15-20 USD, can enjoy the luxury of TV, air conditioning, and other amenities. Thankfully, food is very cheap in Cambodia and the basic restaurant meals will cost around $3-5 USD. Western meals can be a bit higher and cost around $5-15 USD. For those planning to buy groceries and do their own cooking, they end up spending $20-25 USD per week!

Local Transportation and activities

Transportation is cheap, and a good option is the Tuk-tuks, which allows you to haggle and negotiate. You do not pay more than USD 5 depending on the distance. You can take a bus to anywhere in the country for under USD 18.  After booking a cheap flight ticket online to Cambodia, it is time to save further on local travel. Cambodia is loaded with tourist attractions, and the entrance fees to its popular spots can vary are between USD 10-30 depending on the activity and the popularity.

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Backpackers- what to See and Do in Cambodia

Hire a tuk-tuk for the day and start with the huge temple complex of Angkor Wat, if you are willing to spend $37 on its entrance fee. Explore the ruins of Tomb Raider. Sail down Tonle Sap River to get a close look as Cambodian life is. Visit Sihanoukville beaches and nearby deserted islands. Enjoy amazing seafood, and lively nightlife.

For just $3, you can explore The Killing Fields and get to know the bloody genocidal past of Cambodia. Wander among the French ruins in Bokor National. Battambang farming area offers a real taste of Cambodian life. Spend $5 USD on the entrance fee to Prasat Preah Vihear or vest the nearby river villages. Tours to pepper farms of Kampot are free and here you get to learn a lot about spices. Koh Kong offers great opportunities for trekking and relaxing on the white-sand beaches.

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