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Baby Carrier or Stroller: Which One is Best for Traveling?

The joys of parenthood are many, but then so are the worries. If you’ve been blessed with a newborn, you’d understand the struggle. And while taking care of them at home needs a lot of work on its own, the idea of traveling with them is even more daunting. Now that you have a newborn, you might be wondering what is the best way to travel with them. How to decide between a baby carrier and a stroller.

Luckily for you, there are many inventions out there that try to make it a little bit easier for you. But the long-pondered question has always been the same: A carrier or a stroller? 

But who said you need to choose?

Baby Carrier or Stroller

Baby Carrier Vs. Stroller

When choosing between taking a carrier or stroller with you on your travel, the best and most flexible option is to get both. Each one of them has its own pros and cons, and each offers a different service than the other. Trying out a hand-woven baby carrier could prove to be more comfortable than pushing a stroller and more convenient when you’re on the go. However, we do understand that sometimes your options are limited, in which case the situation would be the better judge. Sometimes it’s more suitable to have a stroller, like when you’re at the supermarket and need to carry a lot of bags- the stroller can act as a helper as well.

If you’re considering choosing between the two options, here are some points that might aid you in your choice. 

How old is your baby?

Your best bet when holding your newborn is probably a carrier. There’s nothing like close skin-to-skin contact that can soothe your baby and provide it with all of the warmth it needs like a tight hug. They’ll also be of great practical help whenever you need to feed or move your baby.

As your infant grows, you’ll probably need to switch between both a carrier and a stroller to support its needs and provide whichever fits the feeding, napping, and transportation schedules best.

Baby Carrier or Stroller

What’s more comfortable for your baby’s nap?

When it comes to what makes your baby more comfortable, there can be no better judge than you – its parent. Does your newborn need constant reassurance of your presence, otherwise it can’t go to sleep? Or are they calm enough that strolling them alongside you won’t affect their napping schedule?  

If your newborn can’t nap unless they’re sleeping in your arms, then you don’t really have an option, a carrier is the best way to ensure its comfort. However, a baby stroller will be more practical in case you want to leave your newborn resting while taking a stroll down the plane’s aisle for instance, or generally having your arms free to do anything on your travel. 

How are you traveling?

The same can be said if you’re traveling by any other means, which is what makes your baby most comfortable. A carrier might be better if you want to travel light without any extra baggage, but you’ll have to be carrying your baby for the whole duration of the trip. Travel can be more practical for you in case of a stroller, but it also depends on how you’ll be traveling.

If you’re taking a flight and you have a seat booked for your newborn, then you’ll need a baby seat to keep your baby safe and secure while you stroll around. The same can be said if you’re traveling by car. However, if you don’t have a seat booked for your newborn, then a carrier will do just great. If you’re traveling by ship, you’ll probably need both a carrier and a stroller to alternate between. 

The downside of the stroller on your travel would be carrying it through stairs, fitting it into an elevator, or constantly folding and unfolding it. If you don’t want all of this headache, you can choose to travel with a carrier and rent a stroller from your destination.

Feeding your baby on the go?

The carrier offers you the best option when it comes to feeding your newborn. You’ll already have your baby close to you, so you won’t have any difficulty in holding it in place or adjusting the angle, whether you want to breastfeed it or you have its formula all ready. However, as your infant gets older, feeding them solid foods will be an easier task with the stroller.

Baby Carrier or Stroller

Taking your newborn for sightseeing?

While both your comfort and your newborn’s comfort has been the main deciding factor so far, when it comes to sightseeing, you’ll need to do some more research about your destination. Unfortunately, not all destinations are stroller-friendly, so you don’t want to pack along your stroller all for nothing at the end of the day. If the site you’re heading for doesn’t specify they’re stroller-friendly, try to know whether its wheelchair friendly or not, for that is the next closest thing. You might need to do some online research and check out their website, reach out to them on their social media platforms, or even give them a call beforehand.

 On the other hand, going for the baby wrap in warm or humid weather will be very uncomfortable for both of you. It’s always important to check out the weather to take good precautions when it comes to clothes and shelter, but it’s also important so you can prepare for traveling with your newborn beforehand. 

How will your transportation go?

If you are doing extended periods of sitting around in transportation, your options will depend on the means of transportation. 

Driving around in a car will offer you the great comfort of being able to leave your newborn in the stroller’s seat. If you are doing a lot of that, you’ll want to check the different versions of baby strollers that are also travel-friendly, most of them have a detachable seat while being super practical and space-friendly to fold up and pack. 

If you’re going for long periods in public transportation or buses, you’ll be able to find some that have a space reserved for keeping the stroller on the side. However, it’s best if you also do your research beforehand. However, if you’ll be jumping between different stations and taking multiple lines, a carrier is your best bet for practical experience. 

The Ultimate Experience for Traveling With Your Newborn

At the end of the day, we’re always torn between traveling light and packing everything just in case we need it. In this case, if you can foresee the situations you’ll be facing, you’ll be able to make the right and most practical decision. Traveling with a carrier will give you the most practical experience when it comes to elevators, stairs, moving around and feeding your newborn. However, a stroller will offer you some comfort on occasions. If it comes down to it, you can always rent a stroller at your destination and take your carrier with you for the ultimate experience. 

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