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Ax Throwing – What’s All the Hype About


Ax Throwing – What’s All the Hype About

woman holding an axe before throwing it

Ax throwing seems to be the new craze. When I visited my parents in the States, I was looking for things to do and ax throwing places, where you can go and do ax throwing, are everywhere. I guess it beats shooting range because you need a pretty large space, but you don’t really need that much of a space for ax throwing. But what’s all the hype about ax throwing?

Ax Throwing Bars

So what’s been created are these really cool bar hangouts where you could go for hours, and get drinks while throwing an ax. I really wanted to do it, but when I was visiting my family, I didn’t have a chance. So finally we found a spot here in Guatemala.

It’s actually part of this one restaurant called Hobbitenango. I have an entire podcast about Hobbitenango. It is an incredible place to visit if you are visiting anywhere in Antigua, Guatemala. But go and check that podcast out, especially if you are going to be in the area. They have an entire zone where you could throw an ax, and I had to participate. 

What is Ax Throwing?

It just sounds so interesting, right? So what exactly is ax throwing? They give you all these different axes, and you just start to throw them. It’s a great way to get rid of your anger, but it’s interesting because it’s not as easy as it looks.

Obviously, for everything you do, there is a method, a technique, and a strategy. But I was quite surprised by how heavy the axes really are, and it was really cool. 

some axes for ax throwing on top of some wood sticks

How Much Time Should You Do It?

I think if you go with friends for an hour because usually, they give you several options, but for me, an hour is more than enough. I know that you could do several hours also, depending on how many people and what you’re doing if you are drinking, or taking breaks.


But if you have a chance to go and do ax throwing, I recommend it, even if it’s only one time, because it is kind of cool. And it is really different. So I’m really grateful that I got to do it here. 

There are tons of places to do it all over the United States, and most likely even the world. If I could find it in Antigua, Guatemala, you could probably find it around where you’re visiting. So if you have that time to go and do it, definitely a suggested or a recommended activity.

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