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Awesome Ideas to Help Lighten Up Your Home and Mood

Very few people would say they prefer living in a dark room. However, when decorating or designing our living spaces, we often miss the mark on brightening our homes. You may have large windows for natural light or several lamps for artificial light. Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to manipulate your living space to increase brightness, your room becomes gloomy and will make your mood drop too. Very few people would say they prefer living in a dark room. The following ideas will help increase lighten up your home and improve mood.

Lighten Up Your Home

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We have the answers you are looking for. The following ideas will help increase your home’s brightness and improve your overall mood.

1. Accessorize Your Couch

There’s no reason for you to change your home to give it a brighter look. If they made the fabric of your couch from dark materials, shake it up a bit. For example, you can purchase couch covers with light colors that will help neutralize your couch’s dark fabric. Also, don’t be afraid to throw in bright colors. You could purchase cushions with bright colors and orange patterns that will help your home lighten up and pop out more. This will improve your mood and look of your home.

2. Use Lighter Curtains

When selecting a curtain, purchase one that will cover your windows and allow light into your home. Therefore, we suggest you avoid heavy and thick curtains. Instead, opt for lighter curtains that are lightly colored. Lighter curtains will not only ensure your privacy, but they’ll also help increase the brightness of your home.

3. Spruce Up Your Wall Paint

If you want to lighten up your home and its overall mood, then it’s time you consider getting rid of that wallpaper or dull wall paint. We suggest you opt for softer shades of white color. There are several shades of white paint. Therefore, you should avoid brilliant white paint shades, or your home will feel cold. While you’re at it, cover your ceiling with a lighter paint shade than the wall’s paint shade. It will help you create an illusion of space and height, hence, making your home appear larger and brighter.

4. Trim Your Trees

Our homes are not bright enough for some of us because there’s not enough sunlight entering. There’s likely an immovable object blocking the sunlight. And if that object is a tree, then you can consider cutting it down. However, if this is a problem for you, you can trim down the tree. Trimming down the tree will increase the amount of sunlight entering your home, increasing the brightness.

5. Select Your Floor Rug Carefully

Floor rugs play an important role in warming up your homes. They can also accessorize your home. It’s these features you should take advantage of. When selecting your floor rag, go for light neutral colors. In most cases, a soft neutral colored floor rug will sync with your other décor, thus avoiding color crushing.

6. Buy Light-Colored Furniture

If you’ve got the money to buy new furniture, then go for it. There are plenty of furniture stores where you can get a good deal on discount couches. However, when purchasing new furniture, like new sofas, consider the color. Dark-colored couches are usually pretty. But you have to consider how it affects the brightness and mood of your home. Therefore, we suggest you consider purchasing furniture with lighter colors. You have a wide selection of light colors such as white, beige, and light gray. And if you can’t afford to purchase a new sofa, you can always purchase lightly colored sofa covers.

7. Be Selective When Choosing Your Art

If you appreciate art and love to display your paintings or posters for all to see, you should cover your walls with light artwork. Paintings and posters can absorb light. Therefore, darker artworks will absorb more light. That’s why we suggest you only display lighter artwork in rooms that need to remain bright.

8. Paint Your Ceiling Blue

Lighten Up Your Home

Have you ever noticed that the blue color of the sky is lovely on a sunny day? You can achieve the same effect in your home. Consider painting your ceiling with lighter shades of blue paint. And with natural light streaming into your home, your home will instantly brighten up. Your mood will also improve after introducing the atmosphere of the outdoors into your home.

As you may have already noticed, brightening your home doesn’t have to be an impossible task for you to do. Some ideas we’ve suggested you can handle on your own. And the significant thing is that you’re not limited to these ideas alone. You can be creative and add some of your thoughts. In case you have any other fun ideas, leave a comment in the comment section below.

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