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Awesome Coastal Camping Sites in Britain

Coastal areas are really charming and with the added perk of having quick access to the beach, it would be a great idea to go camping sites or caravanning in these places. Caravans are certainly becoming more popular these days as they are convenient, and a caravan trip seems to be quite adventurous, although you should make sure that you have the necessary coverage for caravans. When you are sure that you have the necessary insurance cover for your caravan, you can rest assured that you are prepared for the worst-case scenario during your trip. Bad things always tend to happen when you least expect them, so it is good to be prepared.

If water and the sea are highly appealing to you, here are some of the best areas to park your caravan and stay for the duration of your trip.

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Camping Sites
Photo by: Lydia

4 Camping Sites in Britain

Gibraltar Farm Campsite, Hollins Lane, Silverdale, Lancashire

This caravan and camping site is a really cool stop. The camping field has all the amenities needed when you are out on a caravan trip including clean lavatories, a new shower and there is also a toilet block. Ancient woodland which is about 10 acres wide can be booked as a private camp. For those with a sweet tooth, there is homemade ice cream on the campsite. Beyond the walls of the farm, you can have a great view of Morecambe Bay, a bird-watching spot and a cool perch known as Jenny Brown’s Point is also located near the area.

Cobbbs Hill Farm Caravan and Camping, Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex

If there are kids who are traveling with you, looking for a place where the young ones can also have a good time is a must. This is one of the reasons why this farm which is merely 3 miles from Bexhill, a seaside resort is a good choice for a family stop. On the farm, the children will be able to see and, in some instances, interact with the animals. While here, you can go boating or go swimming in their pebble sand. As for amenities, the area comes complete with a shower, a hairdryer as well as a shave.

Slapton Sands Camping and Caravanning Club Site, Kingsbridge, Devon

If a relaxed atmosphere is what you are interested in, then this stop which offers a breathtaking view of Start Bay is just the place to be. There is also a beach that is located at Start’s Bay and the place has really great facilities that include a children’s playground, lavatories, washbasins, showers and there is also a laundry area. For perfect eats, you can head to the pub in Slapton, a village with an excellent food outlet that offers locally grown organic food and vegetables.

Treen Farm Campsite, Treen, St. Levan, Penzance, Cornwall

Overlooking glass lakes and just a short distance from some of the best beaches in Cornwall, you will surely love this site. Complete with all the facilities that you will need such as a washing area, lavatories, laundry area, and showers, this park has all the necessary amenities. Plus, it has a really cool location on a field that is not too exposed as it sits back from a clifftop. Aside from that, there are nearby places of interest including Pedn Vounder, a group of isolated islands and there’s Land’s End which is merely 3 miles away. There are also local attractions such as the open-air auditorium Minack Theatre and the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum.

When you are out camping or caravanning, coastal spots are certainly lovely as it is relaxing, and the views are almost always breathtaking. Planning the trip would surely be an interesting thing to do.

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